Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Convenience in logo design

A friend just recently harped his newly-designed "personal" logo, and I thought it was cool. On the other hand, it also got me into thinking about the many "bad" logos out there. A logo is, without a doubt, vital to any company or organization, especially from a marketing perspective. It represents an organization or a brand, and should therefore have recall. Just the mere sight of that yellow double arches symbol tells you that it's McDonald's, or that apple with a portion bitten off is, well, Apple.

Designing a logo for a company can be a complete headache. Thankfully there are companies out there that offer such services, saving anyone all the hassle and the headache. Logo Design Works is one such company, with the added advantage of affording clients the convenience of transacting online.


Facilitating the requirements gathering phase alone saves time when done online, with Logo Design Works leveraging on their industry experience and coming up with standard packages and questionnaires to get an idea or feel of what the client is looking for. In the logo design process, the client is assigned a team of designers, each submitting two drafts for evaluation, which is already streamlined based on the initial information obtained. Revisions are welcome until the client is satisfied.

Logo Design Works has also reaped several awards already for their designs, spread across several genres. Here's a sampling of their award-winning logo designs:


More information can be found at their website.

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