Sunday, March 25, 2012

[Lookbook 03.23.2012] (Army) Green Lantern


This was last Friday. Our department, together with some folks from Finance, had a small celebration at Dad's in Glorietta. It was to mark the end of yet another "SOX season." It was just a buffet of merienda staples, mostly Filipino. Nothing much really.

To cap off the week I just put on a Green Lantern t-shirt, some light-colored jeans, and my pinkish ombre boots. I know the Green Lantern tee isn't exactly in the right green. It's army green but I had no choice then. I had to buy it last year for our Halloween celebration at the office because I couldn't find any other Justice League shirt for my Sheldon Cooper look. But anyway, I like it.

Green Lantern t-shirt (SM Department Store); jeans (Topman); boots (Zara); watch (Lacoste).


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