Wednesday, March 28, 2012

[Lookbook 03.29.2012] The blues on the "red carpet" and the case of the diagonally clipped tie bar

Oh wow, a red carpet event!


Nah. If I were on an actual red carpet event I wouldn't be in this outfit. I mean, I'm not in a suit or a tux? Common! This was actually just at the office today. Our department had our annual Rewards and Recognition (R&R) program and the committee set up a photo wall for us. Nice!


I just went to work today clad in my typical office wear. I picked a blue shirt and paired it with dark gray pinstripe pants. I originally intended on wearing a patterned tie in red and black but realized it was too broad for the undersized collar of my shirt. I could have easily gone with a bow tie but I kinda missed wearing neckties.

I debated with myself between two slim ties, one in light gray and then this light blue patterned one, but I guess I was feeling the blue color more today. Nevertheless, the tie actually pops out because although both shirt and tie belong to the same color family, there's actually enough contrast between the two.

Then I simply allowed my shoes to blend in by choosing black instead of brown, with which I would have normally defaulted. I accessorized with a silver ring and bracelet because silver fit perfectly in this color scheme. And while I know my tie bar is too long for my slim tie, as GQ repeatedly preaches, I insisted on wearing it because for some reason my tie kept on going wayward and I just had to clip it to my shirt. So my workaround was to clip it diagonally!

And so I went on with my imaginary celebrity status on the "red carpet..."


Later we each received our giveaway, and this year it's a jacket. To my horror they gave me a size Small! Seriously? Me, small? I tried it on anyway and surprisingly, it fit me just fine. Or do you think I'm just trying to convince myself that it fits me? But I tried buttoning it up and I could still breathe and move comfortably, so I guess it does fit me.


I'm pretty sure the R&R committee would be happy to know that I liked the jacket. Because they gave me a small-sized one, I loved how it fit close to the body. The cropped length was also a plus. The jacket, while casual in design, goes perfectly well with a shirt and tie combo. The initials on the front stand for "Internal Audit" (Yes, I'm an auditor!) while our company logo was embroidered on a badge and sewn at the back. I told them it's something that I actually would wear. Yay!


Thank you to our R&R committee; it was a fun day for us at the office.

Shirt (H&M); pinstripe pants (Topman); tie and belt (SM Department Store); tie bar (Tieline); bracelet (from some kiosk at Glorietta); ring (originally My Bibe's); black lace-ups (Aldo).


  1. Congratulations of the moment Red Carpet!

    Besos chipless by Dave Vuitton

  2. Love your outfit and your shirt is very pretty. Love this color.

  3. Haha, great pictures, sweater is perfect ;)

  4. Amazing!


  5. One should always rehearse for those moments! Life has funny ways! You never know and BAM! you are invited to a red carpet event.
    Greetings from Santiago, Chile.
    @cristianpavezd on Twitter.

  6. Beautiful color for a shirt :D


  7. I thought this was totally funny! Love the pictures

  8. nice look! funny pictures! Compliments!


  9. Thanks! Love your shirt, the color is amazing!



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