Saturday, November 10, 2012

Got some swag?

I've gotten a lot of it already, that impression that I'm someone with a much higher position than I actually have. It flatters me, to be honest.

In other instances I get mistaken for someone from Marketing when I'm actually an auditor. I remember in one of our John Maxwell leadership seminars, our facilitator, Francis Kong, even kept on asking me if I was sure I was an auditor. Are auditors really that uncool?


In retrospect, my initial thought has always been if it's the way I dress, because I do put a premium on dressing up. You can say that feeling good by dressing good is my motto of sorts. I occasionally put on a tie or a bow tie, or even wear a suit when nobody else in our office would, except for executives. I always believe that people treat you a lot better when you dress better. Let's be honest, people can be very judgmental. I mean, would you instantly trust someone who's lousily dressed and who's selling you real estate or insurance, for example?

But more than the outfit, I think it's the confidence -- or better yet, the swag. It's the appearance, the style, or simply the way one presents himself. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) even acknowledges that having swag can be beneficial to oneself, especially in dealings with clients and the like. NLP even teaches you how to get swag!



I may not be literally selling anything in my line of work but as an auditor, I'm "selling" observations and recommendations. Backed by facts, it also takes skill and yes -- swag -- to convince officers and even executives of your findings, that these are risk areas that need to be addressed, and for them to accept your recommendations. So far in my many years as an auditor, I have hardly been met with any resistance at all; no bitter antagonizing whatsoever.


Consistent with what NLP posits, you have to look the part, feel the part -- even act the part. Although Mitt Romney eventually lost the U.S. presidential elections, there have been much talk about him winning that first of three debates with Barack Obama. Despite some political analysts noting that Romney's arguments lacked in substance, he simply appeared to be more assertive and "presidential." At the time, he just had much more swag than Obama did. I just don't know what happened to him in the succeeding debates.

Nevertheless, we can all benefit from having a little swag. So let's get in on!


  1. Great outfits. I really like the first one. Very classy.
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Absolutely nothing better than a nice suite!
    -Imani Love

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  4. You have such a great style! Love this mix of looks!

  5. i can definitely relate. i find it funny when i tell people my job and ask me if my job allows me wear what i wear. people expect you to be like everyone.

  6. Hehehe, are you sure you are an auditor? :D That's great :D

  7. That's true, a suit allways gives you confidence and the people treats you as they see you :) You look really dapper in the first picture, and you have a great shirt collection!!

  8. Nice elegant combinations! Looking really good!

  9. Swag only has merit when used just as you have. I'm so sick of teenage kids exclaiming "who needs school when you got swag" etc etc x_x

    Swag in moderation
    Swag with intelligence

    You rock it :P


  10. Great look, nice suit color and the light is just right !
    Kuala Lumpur

  11. These outfits are so unique. Your fashion taste is uber ! Keep it up!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  12. Awesome outfits !!!
    I like your style .


  13. Amazing style, dear! :*

  14. The first outfit is super cool!!

  15. Very simple, yet lovely outfit! Love the accessories as well!


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