Misibis Bay in photos: Our villa and other accommodation options

After showing you around the resort, I'm now letting you in our villa at Misibis Bay Resort. We got a premiere villa for our recent holiday and my, was it gorgeous! Still expensive for me, but truth be told, it's already one of the cheaper accommodation options in this resort.

01 DSC_5095
The view of the room upon entering the door.

Premiere villa
At 50 sqm, the room was definitely spacious. It had a king-sized bed, a daybed tucked into a glass-paneled section that protruded from the villa, and a small table for two in case you wanted room service.

The huge glass windows and sliding door that occupy one whole side of the room allow for lots of light to come in. It's facing the sea but our villa wasn't exactly overlooking the beach. The view is partially obscured by tall plants but which provide some degree of privacy in case you wanted to lounge on the sun beds outside. Instead of curtains, double blinds are installed to cover all that glass.

02 DSC_5091
I could stay here all day.

The room came equipped with a home theater system complete with multiple surround-sound speakers. We only got to use the TV, though (for UFC 154: St. Pierre vs. Condit). There's a personal fridge, a coffee-maker, a closet, and a safe. An iPod dock is also available bedside. And oh, in case you feel like fixing the creases on your clothes caused by packing, there's a flat iron and an ironing board on hand.

03 DSC_5110
The view of the room facing the door. See the entertainment system?

04 DSC_5105
The closet and mini-bar.

The bathroom was just as huge. There are two sinks, a bathtub, and separate toilet and shower rooms. The shower has both a rain shower-head and a handheld one. They've also provided a digital weighing scale just so you could check if you've been getting way too much food from the buffet. The toiletries, by the way, are Ferragamo.

05 DSC_5114
The his-and-her's sink, with the bathtub reflected on the mirror.

06 DSC_5119
Separate toilet and shower room.

07 DSC_5130
Salvatore Ferragamo toiletries.

08 DSC_5176
Our own private veranda.

09 DSC_5172
A shot of what our villa looks like outside, which isn't much actually. No. 14 -- so apparently we weren't too far from no. 12, where Zac Efron stayed.

There's a nightly turn-down service where they remake your bed and bring you complimentary Filipino snacks. So far, we've had kutsinta, maruya, and palitaw. Free WiFi is available in the room and almost everywhere around the resort.

Other villas, rooms and suites
A host of other accommodation options are available here but there are only a handful of villas, the most expensive of which have their own private plunge pool overlooking the sea. That includes villa no. 12, where Zac Efron stayed just recently. From the videos I've seen, his villa looked exactly like ours. The only difference was the private pool.

Most rooms, on the other hand, including some more expensive ones, are housed in either bungalow-type structures or two and three-storey buildings, all of which come with private verandas. They all have views of either the sea or the lagoon pool, to wit:

Lagoon poolside
Junior suite deluxe
Premiere villa (or private garden near the beachfront, as was the case with us)
One-bedroom deluxe
One-bedroom premiere

Junior suite premiere
One-bedroom luxury
Luxury villa (with private plunge pool)

10 DSC_5174
Bungalow-type structures just outside our villa.

11 DSC_5193
Some beachfront accommodation; could either be one-bedroom premiere or luxury, or junior suite premiere, if I'm not mistaken.

12 DSC_5611
Exterior of lagoon pool-view rooms and suites. I still prefer the beachfront ones, though.

Garden-view rooms
I first learned about these much cheaper garden-view rooms from group-buying site Deal Grocer, although I can't seem to find any information or photos about them on the resort's website. Anyway, I found out firsthand that these rooms resemble apartment complexes or adjacent housing units in a subdivision. Maybe because they're located just outside the main resort area, that's why it feels like I was no longer in a resort at all but in a subdivision. They also got their own small pool!

13 DSC_5645
Resort or subdivision? I reckon it would be nice to go biking around here.

14 DSC_5651
The small pool I'm talking about. Not bad!

I also got to peak into one of the units. Consistent with what I saw from pictures on Deal Grocer, the room was quite small. But it doesn't look bad at all.

15 DSC_5650
I went Peeping Tom with this room here.

While I'm actually digging the vibe here, I find it rather ironic that I don't really see much of any garden here for them to be called garden-view rooms. Maybe they'll grow soon.

Next up I'll feature their restaurant and the food.

More photos and 360° virtual tours available at misibisbay.com.

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  1. Want to take a rest in a paradise like that!

  2. This looks rather enjoyable!

    Best, Eva Ana Kazic
    Executive director of ALLAROUNDEVE

  3. woww soo cool! You must had a greeeat time :D


  4. I can see why you'd wanna stay in! It looks pretty cool!

  5. Wow, so pretty. Looks like a great holidays!

    Wherever the Sunset is

  6. what a place to relax and unwind...

  7. Love the place, this kind of fresh hotel interiors is my favorite. The artworks is great as well.

  8. wow what a villa I feel like I wanna stay all day long too you must have a really great time staying there and enjoy the relaxing villa love that swimming pool is perfect for holidays ;D will visit your country one day ;D<3


    1. it is a nice place. i sure hope you get to visit our country soon :)

  9. incredible! I love how beautiful everything good post!

    saludos desde http://eyesoftriangle.blogspot.com

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  11. that villa is amazing!!!!!!
    you are very afortunate!!!!
    thanks for your comment!

  12. Ang ganda pero it really comes with such expense.
    Kelan pa ako makakatry ng ganyan..lapit lang samin pero tanaw lang magawa ko..

  13. Everything is so beautiful and dreamy. Lovely place and interiors.

  14. Awesome post, my dear!

    Happy weekend,



  15. Where have u been for your vacation? Paradise? I love your villa!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

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