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Misibis Bay in photos: The resort grounds, its beaches and pools

I'm finally done sifting through photos from our recent holiday in Misibis Bay, and I'm now ready to share them. It's quite a lot, though, so I'm doing this in parts. Also, this isn't a review of the place (I'm saving that for last) but a mere showcase of snapshots from our trip. In this post, featured are the sprawling resort in general, how's the beach (beaches, actually), and the resort's three major swimming pools.

The resort grounds
Misibis Bay Resort is one sprawling property but the main resort area where the villas, the pools, the restaurant, and the main beach are occupies only part of it; so negotiating your way around remains easily manageable with just a walk. But since the resort promises luxury, you can always insist on a golf cart to take you around.

01 DSC_5284
One of the resort's three main pools, with the restaurant and indoor activity center in the background.

Simply put, the resort is beautiful, with nearly every spot begging to be photographed. The lawns are perfectly manicured, and in spite of having a lot of wide, open spaces, there are still a lot of trees around to provide shade. Likewise, winding concrete pathways snake around the property, making virtually every spot accessible by golf carts.

02 DSC_5438
Crop circles? A lot of these circular and irregularly-shaped concrete slabs dot the perfectly-manicured grass.

03 DSC_5424
Lots of green, green grass. That's the front desk area behind me.

04 DSC_5248
If you prefer some shade to the sun, there are hammocks and places to sit to indulge you.

05 DSC_5178
Winding concrete pathways everywhere, just wide enough for golf carts.

The beaches
For me Boracay remains the gold standard in beaches, particularly the sand, so I came into Misibis not expecting much. True enough, the beaches here -- yes, beaches, since there's more than one -- are quite underwhelming. Huge slabs of rock dot the landscape in some areas while everywhere else, smaller stones and dead coral mix with the sand. However, the sand here is quite porous, so your feet sink a bit every time you step on it, which practically erases any pain your feet might have with the rocks.

06 DSC_5190
These rocks may dampen your swimming experience but they provide some interesting photo subjects.

There are at least three beaches that I've seen here, all of which have coarse, cream-colored sand. The first is right smack in front of the main pool at the resort's center, but it's also rather spoiled by some damaged breakwaters.

07 DSC_5251
A view of the beach at the resort's center.

The second one is what I'd like to call the main beach, which is on the leftmost part of the resort (when you're facing the sea), because it's here where beach umbrellas and sun beds are set up, along with a beachside bar and some cabanas. This is also where water sports like kayaking, hobie cat sailing, windsurfing, jet skiing, and the like are enjoyed.

This section is protected by breakwaters, so I suppose the waves here can be quite huge at times, which the bartender confirmed. According to him, huge, seasonal waves used to erode much of the beach, which was why the breakwaters were installed. In fact, they aren't finished yet. As for swimming, I didn't really enjoy it much because the water resulted in some itchy sensation on my face. I'm not sure if it was just the season or something, though.

08 DSC_5601
What I call the resort's main beach.

In one trip aboard a golf cart, we were shown the marina, where boats dock and where snorkeling is designated. Here there's a nice stretch of beach that I hoped I could have enjoyed had we had more time. There's no one here and it would have been nice to just laze around this quiet spot.

09 DSC_5595
Wish I could have enjoyed this quiet strip of beach far from the main resort area.

In between the resort's center and this third beach we saw are a few more patches of sand. Unfortunately, there's an expansion project with portions of the beach being reclaimed, which is quite sad. From what I've gathered, they plan to erect more beachside rooms and another pool.

The swimming pools
As already mentioned, there are at least three main pools (I've seen a fourth smaller one at the garden view rooms behind the main resort area). The first one, the infinity pool, is located at the resort's center, is fair enough in size, and is facing the sea. There are sun beds on three sides, including a few right in the shallower parts of the pool. There's also a swim-up bar in one corner.

10 DSC_5436
The infinity pool.

11 DSC_5415
My Bibe enjoying the sun and the view. The swim-up bar is the structure on the left side behind the small palm tree.

There's a kiddie pool to the right of the infinity pool (when you're facing the sea). It's small and it sits right in front of the indoor activity center, which the resort calls Sitio.

12 DSC_5256
Water-spouting turtles stand on guard the kiddie pool.

Arguably the prettiest of all three pools is the lagoon pool, a winding, irregularly-shaped structure that stretches in front of the resort's taller two and three-storey buildings that house some of the non-villa rooms. On one end is a small "island" with two cabanas for lounging, accessible via a small bridge. There's also another bridge in the narrow middle section of the pool.

13 DSC_5655
The view on one end of the pool, taken from the bridge in the middle section of the pool.

14 DSC_5652
One section of the lagoon pool.

15 DSC_5609
The small island in the middle of one end of the pool.

16 DSC_5614
One of them bridges in the lagoon pool.

Already pretty by day, the pools are no less beautiful at night. I only have a five year-old camera and kit lens with me, with no tripod either, so I'm trying my best here to keep a steady hand for some passable night shots.

17 DSC_5898
A section of the lagoon pool.

18 DSC_5894
Another view of the lagoon pool at night.

19 DSC_5880
I really wish we had more time to enjoy everything.

20 DSC_5870
The other end of the lagoon pool.

21 DSC_5908
The infinity pool at night, with the restaurant in the background all lit up.

In my next post I'm showing you our villa.

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  6. Were supposed to have a day tour here but as we hit the road and it’s all up, down and curve…the car we are using might give up so at the middle of the trip we decided to go back and hit CWC. Sayang I even counted all the solar post on the way just to let time pass.hahahaha

    1. It's just an hour away from Legazpi. But yeah, it was a lot of zigzagging roads for about half the trip.

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    Mar Rivera :)

    1. Mar, i don't know about the snorkeling as we haven't tried it. But i'm not betting on it. Food's meh. I'm writing a full review soon.

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