Saturday, December 1, 2012

Misibis Bay in photos: Dining

"So how's the food?" was one of the most-asked questions I got about our Misibis Bay trip. So after showing photos around the resort and into our lovely villa, I'm taking you to the restaurants.

The resort lists two restaurants -- Spice Market and Dela Playa Beach Grill and Tapas Bar -- in its website. Spice Market features Southeast Asian cuisine (including native Bicolano dishes) while Dela Playa is all about grilled seafood and steaks. These two establishments, however, are adjacent to each other and the lines separating the two are practically blurred every meal time because the buffet sections are scattered all around these two supposedly separate restaurants. So it's just like one restaurant after all.

rsz01 DSC_5043
Spice Market interiors and high ceiling.

Spice Market sports warmer interiors while Dela Playa takes on a much brighter and airier tone, with outdoor seating available. Nonetheless, it's easy to spot that they use the same style of tables and chairs.

Dela Playa also supposedly provides nightly entertainment of "acoustic guitar and soft Brazilian music" but such is not the case. On one night, there was just a guy-and-girl duo singing pop music, including --and quite weirdly -- up-tempo tunes. Needless to say, the music spilled over to Spice Market. Seriously, their music choices here are really weird, if not unpleasant.

rsz02 DSC_5035
Dela Playa faces the beach, so the outdoor seating options are more appropriate here.

As for bars, I've seen three. There's one at the indoor activity center, another one named Sula Bar, which is a swim-up bar at the infinity pool, and finally, a beachside bar at the resort's main beach. Cocktails are also served at the second floor of the indoor activity center during happy hour.

Food-wise, there's not much to rave about, the buffet included. On our first night when we went for dinner at around eight, the buffet tables were a sorry mess. It seemed like they weren't too keen on refilling anymore at that time. So on our second night we went there really early at around six. Everything was largely untouched, so I took the chance to snap some photos with my mobile phone to give you an idea of what to expect.

rsz03 20121119_181009
The salad and appetizer bar, with the soup section right behind. It's just funny how the bread and soup corners are on opposite ends of the buffet table.

rsz04 20121119_180415
Ratatouille on the left, crusted mixed seafood on the right.

rsz05 20121119_180439
Waikiki chicken BBQ on the left, pork and chicken roulade with pineapple gravy sauce on the right.

At the main buffet table, there was always at least two kinds of rice, one of which is plain and the other, flavored. They also have a Bicol corner, which features the usual spicy dishes and other such specialties as adobo sa asin (adobo in salt). Tonight, though, it was:

rsz06 20121119_180510
Left: Ginataang dila ng baka (cow's tongue in coconut milk); right: Inon-on na isda (fish cooked in vinegar, or paksiw).

There are also a couple of special stations, including one for roast beef, pasta, and grilled meat and seafood. During breakfast, there are also counters for fried rice, eggs, pancakes, cereals, and fruit juices.

rsz07 20121119_181025
Roast beef.

rsz08 20121119_180559
The pasta and grilling counters.

Apart from cakes and pastries, the desserts table always had fruits in season. When we were there, mangoes, melons, watermelons, and oranges were staples. On one night, palitaw was also on the table (although I'd hardly call it dessert).

rsz09 20121119_180723
I loved the mangoes here; they're so sweet!

Ala carte orders and room service are both available here as well.

Next up, I'll show you the various activities available at the resort, so everyone can burn all those calories.

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  1. what a nice place, and what a very tasty food..


  2. The place looks beautiful and the food doesn´t seem so bad...sorry about the music though.

    The Black Label

  3. I would spent all of my time around desserts table :D

  4. Grah. Judging by all the pictures you took of this place, the lodging, the food, the general ambiance, this is definitely a place I should try visiting. Really crappy about the music though. I've been blessed with enough fortune to not have had to deal with that in my recent escapades haha. Hopefully they get their atmosphere straight next time.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ada no Nikki

  5. The place is nice and the food looks delicious. Sorry about the music.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. haha. everyone feels sorry about the music. hope they fix it.

  6. That place looks so cool, and all the food looks delicious, I think I need a restaurant like that right now!

    Hope you can show us more pictures!

  7. Lovely pictures!cute place!
    Kisses from Miami!

  8. mmm... Awesome place, dear!

    Have a wonderful weekend!




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