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Misibis Bay in photos: Facilities and recreation

Unlike me and My Bibe who are basically content with sunbathing, swimming, and even just staying in our room, there are people who crave some action while on vacation ("action while on vacation" - I like how that sounds). And with a resort like Misibis Bay, such types of people are sure to ask about the resort's facilities and what they can do here. Fortunately for us, we didn't just sleep the whole time, which means we got to try a couple of what Misibis has in store for its guests.

Water sports
Being a beach resort, water sports and related activities should be a given. Here at Misibis, use of non-motorized water sports equipment comes free with your accommodation. Kayaking, paddle surfing, windsurfing, and hobie cat sailing are all free to enjoy.

01 DSC_5207
You should try hobie cat sailing when in Misibis. It's fun and of course, free!

I normally shun any of these activities but yes, I did enjoy them here. I still felt quite lazy trying windsurfing, though. On the other hand, the hobie cat was simply a joy to experience. For one, you're not left alone to maneuver it. They've got assigned staff members to do it for you, so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy. It was like going paraw sailing in Boracay sans the fee. I reckon this would be a good thing to try at sunset.

02 DSC_5351
Me tirelessly paddling my way around, while some peeps are trying windsurfing in the distance.

Also free is snorkeling. The resort has a designated snorkeling area by the marina but we had no time to try it, so I can't say if it's any good down there.

On the other hand, banana boat ride, jet skiing, knee and wake boarding come with corresponding fees (Php 2,440 to Php 3,050*). If you fancy it, you can also rent a speedboat for Php 4,880 for two hours (max of 8 pax).

Diving is also offered at Php 2,440/dive, plus Php 1,220 equipment rental (per day). Introductory diving and even a full PADI diving course are also both available.

Sunset cruise
Another leisurely activity we got to try was the sunset cruise (Php 610/pax, or Php 3,660 for the whole boat, max of 6 pax). There was just three of us, so we were going with another group. Luckily for us, however, they backed out at the last minute, so we had the boat all to ourselves. I personally enjoyed just looking at the lush terrain of Cagraray Island and of course, the majestic Mayon Volcano.

03 DSC_5735
Having the boat all to ourselves was just awesome. Whoever you guys are, thanks for flaking out! :)

Outdoor land activities
The resort offers ATV and buggy rides, none of which I've tried. Apart from limited time, I wasn't too keen on dropping close to two grand for a 30-minute experience. Maybe next time. The resort also has a couple of these Segway PTs:

04 DSC_5444
While the Korean lady was enjoying her time, her partner didn't seem pleased with my paparazzi act.

You don't get to wander alone, though, as resort staff are there to guide you through these rides and tours. Special ATV tours to the Mt. Mayon "lava wall" can also be arranged.

Cagraray Eco-Energy Park
The Cagraray Eco-Energy Park, or simply known as Ecopark, is a separate property outside of Misibis Bay Resort. There are picnic grounds here, a postcard-perfect ampitheater overlooking the sea, a hilltop chapel, and an adventure park, among others.

Our accommodation included a zip line adventure already, which was a sweet deal. We were supposed to go in the morning but a heavy downpour delayed us till after lunch. The ecopark is one huge and hilly property. Good thing a golf cart was there to ferry us around.

05 DSC_5467
Me trying the park's zip line.

The zip line had two legs, although I forgot how long it was (a hundred and fifty, if I remember it right?). The first leg was all trees, then I was transferred to a second line, which offered a lot more view. I wish I was allowed to bring a camera but even my sunnies had to be removed. I enjoyed it, though.

We also checked out the chapel, which had been the venue of many a wedding ceremony already. Our golf cart driver also said that the recently-concluded teleserye "Walang Hanggan" had shot some scenes here as well. (Yammy!) The chapel's altar was positioned against the sea, so churchgoers are facing the bay. I wonder if they could concentrate at all with such a fantastic view (especially at sundown).

06 DSC_5505
The picturesque chapel. Repairs are ongoing, hence the scaffolding on the sides.

We didn't go inside anymore but I managed to get a peek through the glass windows. It was quite spacious, with nothing but wood and white paint inside. It's also air conditioned.

07 DSC_5531
Trying my best here to block the sky's reflection so I could get a decent shot through the glass. See my fingers?

Another gorgeous spot at the ecopark is the ampitheater, where it's perfect to do just nothing, watch the sun set perhaps. On the other hand, it was great for cam-whoring!

08 DSC_5544
Me and my sexy Bibe.

09 DSC_5551
Finally the sun came out, but I wish I could have stayed here longer to watch the sunset.

10 DSC_5574
Gorgeous curves!

Truth be told, I don't know if this ampitheater is actually used as an ampitheater at all. I saw from the resort's website that they occasionally have special dinners set up here. Anyway, it's beautiful.

The resort calls its indoor activity center Sitio. It's a two-storey structure with a lobby for lounging, a bar, and a billiards table. It also houses a clinic, a playroom and a gym at the ground level, and a videoke room upstairs. There's also table tennis, foosball, and a host of boardgames that you can use.

11 DSC_5265
The lobby. Glad it had a high ceiling.

12 DSC_5313
A view of the lobby from the second floor.

15 DSC_5294
The bar.

16 DSC_5325
A section of the gym. Don't drop the weights, though; there are no mats to protect the floor.

17 DSC_5291
The pool table right beside the bar.

18 DSC_5317
Gaming options, the manual type.

19 DSC_5271
A section of the kids' playroom.

20 DSC_5272
There's also Wii, PS3 and Xbox available inside the playroom.

At Sitio, it's hard not to notice how the resort takes pride in having some celebrities as guests. Hung on the wall by the stairs are three framed Misibis Bay polo shirts autographed by Manny Pacquiao, Kris Aquino, and their most recent pride -- Zac Efron. Of course, there's a photo of the celebrity with the resort staff in each of the frames.

13 DSC_5299
The Zac Efron-autographed polo shirt.

14 DSC_5300
Quick, spot Zac from the crowd!

During happy hour, the bar extends its reach to the second floor where there are more seating options available. There's also a function room here, a terrace, and as already mentioned, a videoke room (with an hourly charge, consumable for drinks and pica-pica.

21 DSC_5302
Nice and cozy second floor.

22 DSC_5306
The function room, I guess.

23 DSC_5304
Unleash the frustrated singer in you. The room is quite big actually.

So obviously there's no shortage of things to do here at Misibis Bay. There are also three swimming pools to choose from, and don't forget the in-room entertainment system if you don't feel like leaving the comforts of your villa or suite.

*Rates quoted are based on the sheet provided during our stay (18-20 November 2012). You can check or download the full rate sheet here.

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An awesome and relaxing Misibis Bay sunset cruise



  2. This looks like an incredible place to visit. I think it's great that you did so many activities while you were there! I'm not one of those sit out on the beach for ages types either. Love all of your pictures - especially the Zac Efron shirt! :P

  3. The only word I have is AMAZING...and I have not been there..but from all of your pictures this is one incredible getaway.

    The Black Label

  4. Such a paradise, don´t have enough words to describe the beauty of this place. You´re so lucky to had the experience of visit it, if you have more pictures share, love this kind of posts!

    Need to go there one day! :p

    Pablo from

  5. These photos are absolutely beautiful and it's a gorgeous place. So dreamy!

  6. hummm sun and beach i miss them
    great pics

  7. What a great place, i really am jealous (in a good way) but to tell you the truth i don't feel so althetic in my holidays...
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

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