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HOTEL | The spacious rooms at The Henry

In a previous post I've shared some photos of this unique hotel in Cebu called The Henry. So far I've shown the lobby, restaurant, and basically the hotel's general design aesthetic. Now I'm showing you the rooms.

A section of one of the "XX-Large" rooms at The Henry.

With 38 rooms, The Henry prides itself in having no two rooms that are the same, so every room sports its own unique design. Fantastic, right? Also, another characteristic of its rooms is its generous space. All of the rooms here are big and the hotel has played with the idea of size to name its accommodation options. So instead of the customary standard, superior, deluxe and suite, we have Big, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large. Cool, huh?

We stayed in a Big room, the "smallest" of their accommodations, of which there are 24 in all. With 36sqm of space, the room is fitted with a king-size bed, some seating by the window, a flat screen TV, a personal fridge, and a spacious bathroom. There are no closets here; instead, there's an open space by the door where you can hang your clothes and place your luggage. There's an electronic safe, too.

A glimpse of our "Big" room. Seriously, there's already lots of space here.

Our mod bathroom. Love it!

Sales manager Ara Sucaldito was kind enough to endorse me to a front desk staff (Forgot her name. Was it Honey?) so I could see some of the other rooms. First off, I got to compare our Big room to another one.

Warm and cozy vibe here.

Nice touches on the bedside table. I just wasn't sure if the old radio worked.

Contrary to our black and white bathroom, this one went for an all-black tiling.

A bit larger at 42sqm, the Large rooms all have king-size beds facing the window. Behind it are provisions for seating. Though still with no closet, the safe and area for hanging your clothes are tucked behind a wall. The bathroom is open, with the toilet and shower areas still separated from each other. There are six of these rooms in all.

Same king-size bed but this one's not propped against a wall.

Love the mural!

One characteristic of the Large rooms is that the beds all face the window.

See the "open" closet?

I just love the individual touches that go into every room.

Another all-black bathroom.

Unlike our room, the bathroom here has no doors.

I didn't get to see what the X-Large room looked like because unfortunately, all six of them were occupied at the time. Anyway, an XL room has 72sqm of space, a double sink, and pretty much the same amenities of the smaller rooms. I don't know why but only some of these rooms have bath tubs.

With a whopping 108sqm of space, the XX-Large room is kind of like a two-bedroom suite, except that the main room is not separated from the living/receiving area. The other room has its own bathroom while the main bathroom has a bath tub. There's just soooo much space here but there are only two rooms of this kind at The Henry.

The biggest of them all!

Opposite to the bed is the receiving area and a small work space. The door on the right leads to the other bedroom.

Even when it's only a secondary room, it's still very spacious.

Apart from having its own toilet and bath, this other room also has its own TV.

A familiar setup, this is a view of the other room's toilet and bath.

The room also has its own sink.

The main bathroom again has no doors, and the tub is very visible from the rest of the room.

Same familiar bathroom setup, only that this one has a bath tub.

So there, what do you think of the rooms? Now it's time to finally write my review of The Henry.

They've just opened a second hotel last December 2014, in Metro Manila this time. The rooms there are very different from what you see here. You can check them out in my review of The Henry Hotel Manila.


  1. I can´t deal with how gorgeous all this rooms are! It may not be home..but I won´t really care at all lol, visiting the Henry is now on my bucket list.

    The Black Label

  2. Woow! I first knew about this from Kryz Uy I think it's there where she celebrated her birthday last year with her friend but I forgot what room they were in. I'm definitely sure you enjoyed your stay in here. I hope I can visit this place someday when I get to go to Cebu ^_^ Thanks for sharing!


  3. Thank you black label for the beautiful and thoughtful blog.I look forward of seeing you again at Cebu's Like No Other-The Henry!

    To know more about us,please visit out website at


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