Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Goose Station: Take two

Thanks to yet another fantastic deal at Deal Grocer (yes, I'm that cheap), My Bibe and I found ourselves again at one of our fave restaurants, The Goose Station.

The menu, which was specifically for Deal Grocer voucher holders, was different this time around. It was still a ten-course degustation feast of some really meticulously prepared food, though.

Foie gras cone
It started with a familiar delight we also had the last time, foie gras cones! It's made of foie gras mousse, port jelly, fig jam, and hazelnut. Really creamy and good!

Foie gras cone.

Tuna crudo
This dish of five slices of raw tuna came next. They were dressed in a grapefruit, beet and raspberry vinaigrette, and some herbs. It had none of that unpleasant fishy smell and taste, and the dressing had just the right amount of acidity to it. One of my favorites of the night!

Tuna crudo.

Trio of bruschette
Toasted bruschetta with a trio of toppings: chickpea, salmon, and chicken liver. I'm not a fan of liver but ironically, it's the chicken liver that turned out to be my favorite of the three. However, I found the bread a tad too oily.

Trio of bruschette.

Egg and sweet potato
And then came this beauty:

Egg and sweet potato: what a lovely sight to behold!

The egg was slow-cooked for an hour sous vide style. Around it were textures of sweet potato, smoked bacon, goat's cheese, beets, baby carrots, pickled onions, and other select produce. The level of meticulosity and attention to detail was so much evident in this dish. And my, the egg was perfect, with the yolk just oozing out once I punctured it with a knife.

Too pretty to eat, but I had to eat it.

For our palette cleanser, we were served this delightful dish of strawberry sorbet, lychee granita, strawberry chip, and balsamic reduction. It was heaven! I couldn't stop staring at how thin and translucent the strawberry chip was. The sorbet was so velvety smooth.

A delightful palette cleanser of strawberry sorbet and lychee granita.

Scallops and carrots
After that sweet and refreshing interlude, it was time to move on with our meal. Scallops were next.

Such detail in one dish!

The scallops were perfectly seared: brown on the outside but nice and soft on the inside. It came with bits of carrots, potato chips, nuts, and fennel froth.

Lovely and meticulously prepared scallop dish.

Foie Gras Taho
Yes, it's taho (silken tofu), only savory with the foie gras. According to the dish description, it's foie gras Chawan Mushi with Pedro Ximenez Sherry Reduction and tapioca.

Foie gras taho.

After about two teaspoons, this one didn't sit well with me. I found it way too rich for my taste. It wasn't bad, just too rich. So this one was a bit of a letdown unfortunately.

Just way too rich for comfort.

TGS Burger
Angus patty, brioche bun, Asiago-Raclette, and fries. Sadly, I wasn't really able to savor this dish after that taho. The sharpness of the Asiago-Raclette didn't help either. There must be something wrong with the menu or the sequence at least somewhere. The fries were good, though.

Gourmet mini-burger.

I didn't know what to expect, especially after how this restaurant reinterpreted a cheesecake the last time around. Anyway, this was their version of the well-loved Filipino dessert:

Halo-halo reinterpreted.

On the surface you see candied sweet potato strings, a scoop of velvety-smooth ube (purple yam) ice cream, small chunks of pineapple, and ice that seemed to have come out straight from Marcel's Quantum Kitchen. The waiter poured over some condensed milk in front of us.

Yum yum!

It is, however, when you finally dig in that you get to see more of those familiar colors of red, green, and more yellow that we normally associate with our halo-halo. In tinier bits, of course. This halo-halo thankfully averted a disaster brought about by those last two dishes.

Disaster averted.

Petit fours
Our evening ended with chocolate truffles, which went perfectly with coffee.

Despite that mishap with the foie gras taho, I still love The Goose Station. At least I'd be wise to skip this excessively rich creation the next time around. Save for that disappointment, the food was great, and so was the service as usual. I recommend the celebrity chefs reevaluate their menu, or their sequence perhaps. Still a must-try, though.

The Goose Station
G/F W Tower
39th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
+632 556 9068 / +63917 85 GOOSE (46673)


  1. Lovely and DELICIOUSLY looking food parade!
    Parang ayoko na lang galawin kung ganyan kaganda plating.

  2. oh my, i just had a food orgasm. ahhh.

    i would like to say, even though the halo2 looks good, nothing beats the classic halo2.

  3. Looks perfect ! I wish i could try it !

  4. Wow! Every dish looks really tasty! Like heaven!

  5. I think i am gonna jump inside this p/c's screen and i am gonna eat all these goodies. Why are you doing this to meeee??? (just kiding, great post as always).
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  6. OMG great menu.
    I think i'm in love with GS Burger


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