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Sushi for dessert at My Pink Wasabi

[Updated 02.13.2014]
I've already been seeing My Pink Wasabi at The Collective along Malugay Street in Makati City since late last year. Actually I saw the place even when it was still being constructed! But for the silly life of me, I thought it was just another yogurt place--until My Bibe and I finally checked it out about a fortnight ago.

So what did they have? This:

01 20140114_184053
Maki sushi for dessert.

They've got sushi! For dessert! And yes, they serve it on a sushi plate and with chopsticks. This ingenious creation of meticulously hand-rolled mini-cakes designed to resemble maki sushi looks too cute to eat. They call it Kashi Maki, meaning, "sweet maki" (kashi being the Japanese word for sweet; maki, of course, is that rolled type of sushi).

With only around three tables and a few chairs, the place is small. It's actually more of an outlet than a restaurant. The interiors are splashed in white, green, and of course, pink, and follows a Japanese theme. At the counter you'll have your first look at these cute kashi maki in a refrigerated display. You might even get to see the staff putting on the finishing touches to some of them.

We ordered a selection of six kashi maki that came with two cups of coffee. Yes, they're Instagram-perfect but lest we forget, they do taste as good as they look. The mix of different flavors in one bite is just so pleasant. It was heaven!

02 20140114_182857
My Pink Wasabi is a small and intimate place to enjoy dessert.

03 20140114_183106
With a display like this, don't you just want to try them all?

04 20140114_182807
Oh, just like preparing sushi, only this is way cuter.

Because they were so good, we brought some more home and My Bibe got two of her colleagues boxes of nine as birthday gifts. I, on the other hand, ordered two dozen boxes of four since I owed my colleagues Christmas gifts. But because the store didn't have enough stocks already, I ordered from their commissary (+63947-865-8634). However, due to the number of orders they receive, please note that you have to call in advance. And yes, they deliver; just not sure of any minimum amount.

05 20140117_134803
Late they may be for Christmas, these boxes are still full of joy nonetheless.

While I can attest that all of them taste great because I've tried them all, my personal faves are the Midnight Mint, Oolong Berry, and the Coconut Dream. And on a side note, a colleague, who put a whole kashi maki in his mouth, suddenly stood up and exclaimed out loud, "Mel, ang sarap!"

A set of four kashi maki and a cup of coffee will cost you Php 140 while a set of six with two cups of coffee costs Php 235. They're also available in take-out boxes of four (Php 140), nine (Php 280), and eighteen (Php 540, comes with free steel chopsticks). Other combos and packages are also available; just check out the My Pink Wasabi menu.

06 20140117_140442
Clockwise from top: A still unnamed new flavor (almond cake, cinnamon milk chocolate ganache with Malagos cocoa nibs, milk chocolate wrap, and roasted marshmallows topping); Midnight Mint (chocolate cake, peppermint tea-infused chocolate ganache, dark chocolate wrap, mint jelly); Nutella Sesame (chocolate cake, Nutella dark chocolate ganache, black sesame seeds); Coconut Dream (pistachio cake, coconut white chocolate ganache, white chocolate wrap, pistachio nut).

07 20140117_140321
Clockwise from top: Cookie Kiss (chocolate cake, cherry white chocolate ganache, cookie dust, cherry and white chocolate curls); Oolong Berry (almond cake, strawberry white chocolate oolong tea-infused ganache, white chocolate wrap, strawberry jelly); Chocnut (chocolate cake, peanut butter, milk chocolate wrap, ChocNut bits); Coffee Kahlua (almond cake, coffee Kahlua dark chocolate ganache, milk chocolate wrap, white chocolate chips).

08 20140117_140352
Clockwise from top: White Matcha (pistachio cake, green tea-infused white chocolate ganache, white chocolate tablet); Murphy's Law (almond cake, raspberry vodka-infused dark chocolate ganache, dark chocolate wrap, berry roe); Chef A's Pop Secret (chocolate cake, chocolate caramel ganache, dark chocolate wrap, chocolate-covered popcorn); Chocnut.

Aside from The Collective, these kashi maki are also available at Fior Cafe at the SM North Annex (5/f, Cyberzone) and soon, at UP Diliman, I was told.

Update [02.13.2014]:
For Valentine's, My Pink Wasabi came up with a special rose-flavored kashi maki. Priced at a premium (around Php70 apiece), it has the same cake base as the Oolong Berry's but with a rose-infused ganache and a rose-shaped topping. The white chocolate wrap is also quite different as it has crisscrossing patterns. I like the hint of rose in it but I find it a tad too sweet for my taste. Due to the high demand, orders have to be placed at least three days in advance.

vday 20140211_193603
Pretty in pink, My Pink Wasabi's special Valentine kashi maki.

For more info, visit mypinkwasabi.com

Or follow them on:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mypinkwasabi.pastries
Twitter: @mypinkwasabi
Instagram: @kashimaki

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  1. happy to know you enjoyed our Kashi Maki. Thanks for sharing this and that was a nice side note :)


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