Thursday, February 20, 2014

[Lookbook 02.20.2014] Knotted, cuffed, and linked


Our dear fluffy pants Kwittie Boy here just wants to be in the frame. Ironically when he's the one being photographed, he does not cooperate. So I take it that he's just messing with my OOTD shots. Oh cats.

Anyway, I tried inching myself closer to wearing corporate attire to work again. Though I didn't fully commit to it on my first try by ditching the tie (Wow, that rhymed!), I managed two days this week with a necktie. Today, however, it's a bow.


I'm also happy to be wearing cufflinks today. Most ready-to-wear shirts in stores don't have french cuffs, so to find one is pure joy to me even when I don't own a lot of cufflinks. I decided against the metallic ones that I have and went with these fabric knot ones that came with the shirt when I bought it.


Strictly speaking, the sleeves are a tad too long for me. But since I don't want to be spending much on alterations just to get that perfect fit (which can really cost you), I'm simply projecting a "whatever" attitude here.

Pink goes well with blue and gray, so I thought it would work just as fine with these bluish gray pants. And to balance everything out, I picked black for my leather.


Shirt and fabric knot cufflinks (both Zara Man); pants (Topman); bow tie (Tieline); belt (SM Dept. Store); shoes (Call It Spring).


  1. Looking dapper! The shirt is great and I love cuff links they are just so...classy!


  2. So elegant !!!!! amazing outfit .



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