Friday, February 28, 2014

PHOTO DIARY | Art Fair Philippines 2014 (Part 2 of 3)

(Continued from Part 1)

This is the second of three posts about the recently concluded Art Fair Philippines 2014. I know it maybe too late to catch it but I'm hoping to show you some of the artwork exhibited at the event just in case you're interested in anything. That said, you can check with the art galleries concerned.

"Sleepwalkers" by Genepaul Martin, Secret Fresh

Aren't they adorable? They remind me of our dear cats Kwittie Boy and Foreman. The artist responsible for them, Genepaul Martin, calls them "Sleepwalkers" and there's more of them in full color.

Of course I had no idea who the artist was. It was My Bibe who knew him through Instagram and she was most excited to meet the guy and see his work up close. Represented by Secret Fresh, he was the only artist featured in their ├╝ber cute booth that resembled some whimsical fantasy land. He must be that special. Although I just tagged along, I share My Bibe's appreciation for Martin's oddly cute creations.

The entrance to the Secret Fresh exhibition booth

Well, My Bibe went a little into fangirl mode with the artist. Nice guy.

My Bibe with the artist Genepaul Martin, Secret Fresh

While we earnestly swooned over those Sleepwalker statues, we really love this painting version of them black and white creatures. So aww...


Like I said, the Secret Fresh booth was so cute and whimsically designed. It's full of fake grass and oh, look at this giant light bulb!

Yup, these Sleepwalkers are naked.

There was also another whimsical booth by Pablo Gallery. There were paintings, some mascot-like stuff, and a horse with his penis stuck out. And the penis had eyes to boot! Haha!

There were also some chairs, though most of them are more decorative than functional. This one here, I believe, was called "Kiss My Ass." So the chair will really kiss your butt if you sit on it. Very clever!

Then someone must really abhor plastic spoons and forks he decided to melt them. Can't sit on this chair, though.

Then of course we were much delighted to see this chair here adorned with four cat heads. Meow!

A lot of weird stuff, yes. I don't know what these are. They look like strange wigs or something.

This one's kinda cool, something we want but can't have. I mean, we just can't fork out Php 65,000 for it.

Another painting My Bibe and I like. We really gravitate toward stuff like this, weird creatures and all.

More bizarre paintings...

And bizarre installations...
Unnatural History: Ang Totoong Alamat ng Pilipinas o Pensar en la Inmortalidad del Cangrejo by Alwin Reamillo, Nova Gallery Manila

I just had to zoom in on this: pliers and a tooth!

From one of the solo exhibits, artist Marina Cruz has a taste for the creepy by using dolls perfectly positioned against paintings. Nice effect!
Waiting for a Home by Marina Cruz

Dolls are creepy, don't you think?
Marina Cruz

We also got to see pieces inspired by the macabre and by Philippine folklore. This piece here fashioned from a shell is quite the stunner.

From the very first booth we visited, the pieces here are characterized by references to Philippine mythological creatures. Might I add that these oddly shaped sculptures are really cool, whether you look at them from behind or in front.
Rodel Tapaya

And from another booth we saw this brass sculpture of a manananggal, another creature from Philippine folklore whose body splits from the waist up and then wings appear. It's from sculptor Michael Cacnio, a schoolmate of My Bibe's from Malabon. She said Cacnio's father was a famous painter and that it's good he found his footing in sculpture because it's tough to follow in your dad's footsteps.

Oh yes, this manananggal is quite the cook!

(To be concluded.)


  1. Very interesting..and sometimes wierd stuff...I was totally sold on the skull crafter in a shell..that was amazing!


  2. i gravitate more to the paintings than the sculptures...

  3. Very beautiful!!!



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