Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lustlist: Zara March 2014 new arrivals

Apart from the Zara swim shorts and other summer outfits I'm drooling over, I still have a couple of other items from the Spanish brand that I'm so in love with right now.

T-shirts with bold prints
How all those flowers are weaved together to form a skull is just awesome to me, though I'm torn between the black and white tees. Bold prints such as these are simply eye-catching.

01 0722415250_1_1_1
Skull T-shirt with flowers (Php 1,495).

02 0722415800_2_7_1
Skull T-shirt with flowers (Php 1,495).

03 0722424800_2_2_1
Vest top with pattern and stripe (Php 1,495).

Biker jeans
Though they look best on slimmer guys, I love how these jeans are cut, especially with all those detailing on the knee and inner leg areas.

04 1889401407_2_1_1
05 1889401407_2_5_1
Biker denim trousers (Php 2,995).

Floral print trousers
Well, what can I say? They're really nice! I swear I can wear them to the office.

06 6917444400_2_1_1
Floral print trousers (Php 2,295).

Drapery galore
A draped top with hoodie, and with a length that extends all the way to your knees, this one I like. Reminds me of my extra-long cardigan and cowl-neck shirt with drapes that I call my "cape and cowl."

07 0495423800_2_1_1
08 0495423800_2_2_1
Draped top with hood (Php 3,795).

Light metal
A bomber jacket in metallic finish. I'm sold! The fit is nice and it doesn't look too heavy at all. Although also available in silver, I personally like this gold version.

09 0706432302_2_1_1
Metallic bomber jacket (Php 4,995).

The brown suit
Black, blue, gray, they're everywhere. But it's not very often I see a brown suit like this one in stores. Both jacket and trousers are cut slim, so yay!

10 1564412709_1_1_1
Tan suit with pin on lapel (Suit at Php 8,590; knit waistcoat with zip at Php 2,595; and pleated suit trousers at Php 3,995).

Brown oxfords
Yup, I'm on a passive hunt for a new pair of brown leather lace-ups. Fortunately or unfortunately, this one here fits the bill.

11 2717302100_2_2_1
Oxford shoes (Php 4,990).

Can you blame me for lusting over them?


  1. i am sucker for anything zara as well. most of my work clothes are zara.

  2. The first tshirt is driving me nuts...I have a thing for skulls...and that metallic bomber is awesome.


  3. I gift the draped top to my bf. really amazing piece!


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