Tuesday, September 30, 2014

10 random coats that make me wish for fall

There's really something about fall fashion that captivates me. Maybe it's the layering. I don't know if it's the pieces themselves like sweaters and coats. Or maybe it's the fact that I simply cannot wear them here in this climate, hence the feeling of deprivation, that longing for such wear that it already becomes aspirational to me.

Oh well, pardon me for such repeated musings because it's these 10 coats here that got me all started again. At least those of you with four seasons can use one or two of these as temperatures start to drop.

xx coats_2014 09 28
(L) This floral jacquard overcoat is love. Wear this and you easily stand out amidst a sea of blacks and grays in the fall. From Our Legacy.
(R) Brushed knit, cool stitching details. What's not to love about this Wings + Horns Chesterfield jacket?

xx coats_2014 09 281
(L) The contrasting colors of this raglan mac jacket provide some wonderful pizzaz for this Christopher Raeburn number.
(R) With arguably even more pizzaz--though not for the faint of heart--this DSQUARED2 overcoat cleverly utilizes a stacked color block design to breathe new life to the classic coat.

xx coats_2014 09 282
(L) Sometimes nothing simply beats a classic tweed topcoat for fall. From Billy Reid.
(R) A topcoat in yet another classic fall fabric, this pressed wool long coat from Harris Wharf is a winner, thanks for taking on a not-so-common color for an overcoat.

xx coats_2014 09 283
(L) I like this Han KjĂžbenhavn square trench coat because of how sexy it looks. Nice form-fitting cut.
(R) The structure of this thigh-length coat is perfect. I'm really loving how "formal" it looks. From Rag & Bone.

xx coats_2014 09 284
(L) For a bit of summer in the fall (the color reminds me of spring/summer). Shrunken mac twill coat from Wings + Horns.
(R) There's a certain flair to full-length coats that their shorter-cut cousins may lack. This slim-fitting number from N.Hoolywood just looks so dignified it means business.

So what do you say?


  1. I love Dsquared2, is one of my favourite brands I just think everything they put out just oozes coolness....so naturally this coat is amazing! Would wear it in a minute. Great choices of coats as well.


  2. Awesome collection... They are very stylish and off course little bit cozy too... LOL
    I am fall in love with them.


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