Cuff 'em and brace for more

It's a given that unlike women, men have much less to work with in terms of accessorizing. But thankfully accessories designers have been pushing the envelope--however gradually--in providing guys with much more options.

In this post I'm taking a look at some really cool cuffs and bracelets. Okay, I'm ogling at them.

01 cuffs-bracelets
Fishing hook cuff by Miansai. A bracelet in malleable sterling silver that takes the shape of a fishing hook of all things! Now how cool is that!

02 cuffs-bracelets
How about brass for jewelry? This railroad spike cuff by Giles & Brother has that rugged feel most guys will probably appreciate.

03 cuffs-bracelets
Another entry from Miansai, this layered brass cuff fuses four bars to create this rugged piece of jewelry that also looks so polished at the same time.

04 cuffs-bracelets
I must admit only gold and silver come to mind when I think of jewelry. Now who would have thought copper would make a fine bracelet? Copper cuff by Cause and Effect.

05 cuffs-bracelets
Industrial-looking pieces certainly appeal to a man, so this nut & bolt cuff by Giles & Brother is a winner in terms of attitude. Very manly indeed.

06 cuffs-bracelets
Here's another fish hook-inspired bracelet. I'm loving this hooked leather wrap bracelet from Miansai. You can adjust the length by sliding the knots. This one's also available in other colors.

07 cuffs-bracelets
Ship weight leather bracelet by Eddie Borgo. Another nautical-inspired piece, this bracelet features woven leather and a matte-finish anchor clasp that hooks into a braided loop on the other end.

08 cuffs-bracelets
Sometimes all you need is some good old leather, like this leather double wrap cuff by Cause and Effect.

09 cuffs-bracelets
A vintage Hermes gold and leather jumbo bracelet--now fancy that! Authentic vintage leather with a gold-plated hook and loop on the ends; from WGACA Vintage.

10 cuffs-bracelets
Yet another nautical inspiration, this time manifested in this anchor wrap leather bracelet by Miansai. Silver-plated anchor clasp and adjustable knots.

11 cuffs-bracelets
Leather and metal may be top-of-mind choices for men's bracelets but we could use some threads, too. This double wrap bracelet from Caputo & Co. perfectly utilizes all three.

12 cuffs-bracelets
Ca$h bracelet by Arizaga. This braided beauty can either be worn by its lonesome or with other bracelets like beads, leather, or other braided pieces.

Now what to choose? Although I'm thinking of combining two or more of these on one wrist. What do you think? Better yet, why don't you take your pick?


  1. I love all of these options! I personally really like the nautical inspired ones.

  2. Love leather cuffs, really like em on men cos I always get to snatc em lol

  3. I been obsessed with the anchor wrap and finally i found one here in tbt. Made from bronze;)


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