Friday, September 12, 2014

Fall fawning and winter wishing

If there’s one thing good about living in the tropics, it’s that you get to enjoy the beach almost year-
round. And with that, you get to wear the lightest of clothes from t-shirts to tank tops and shorts. However, there’s always that yearning somewhere for layering, which would only most likely result in beads of sweat trickling down my face.

This is when I wish I were in a different climate where fall and winter come each year. I don’t necessarily long for snow; just the cooler temperatures that give me the perfect excuse to wear clothes on top of another. These are but a few of the stuff I’d love to, and wish I could, wear this season. So here goes.

1. A double-breasted coat
Oh, wouldn’t it be great to saunter down the city streets in a DB coat, with its tails flipping graciously in the cool autumn wind as you take a sip off your Starbucks cup? It’s sartorial elegance at its finest.

01dg_db coat
Double-breasted coat by Dolce & Gabbana.

2. A cape
As if the flapping hems of a coat weren’t enough, when temperatures go down even further it’s time to put on a cape. It instantly ups the swag factor while keeping yourself comfortably warm in winter.

3. A trench coat
Although I do get to wear a lightweight trench sometimes inside the office (yes, I know I may be forcing it), at least when it’s cold and rainy outside and the air conditioning is going haywire, I still long for that true-blue trench coat, in wool perhaps. Whatever the length, cropped, mid-length or knee-length, I’m in.

Mid-length trench in wool and cashmere blend by Burberry.

4. A toggle coat
It’s obvious by now I have a thing for coats. Hooded or not, those toggles add some level of cool to a coat. They look cute and they lend a casual touch to any coat, however formal it’s supposed to be designed.

04zara_toggle coat
Hooded toggle coat by Zara Man.

5. A heavy coat with a touch of faux fur
In as much as I love lightweight coats, their heavier counterparts are just as charming in their own right. And why not add some faux fur to the collar? Put on a pair of gloves and you’re all set.

05rag-bone_db coat w faux fur
Double-breasted coat by Rag & Bone.

6. Just a plain old coat
If it’s any less formal than its DB cousin, then so be it. Plain, bright-colored, or in patterns like plaid, a coat always looks good as long as it’s cut slim. I remember Keanu Reeves in his Matrix days. I was so in love with his sleek black overcoat I wanted one so badly.

06richard james_coat
Tailored coat by Richard James.

7. A quilted jacket
Okay, enough with the coats and on with some jackets. Yes, some jackets are permissible in a tropical climate but a quilted one looks downright out of place. While I think puffy when someone says quilted jacket, there are ones that are cut more snugly and all that puffiness effectively tamed.

07hm_quilted jacket
Quilted jacket by H&M.

8. A parka
Nothing probably says winter more than a fur-trimmed hood. A parka, as it’s called, looks warm and comfy. And it is warm and comfy!

08topman_heavyweight parka

9. A chunky cable knit sweater
While I’m all for snug and slim cuts in clothing, it’s sometimes nice to just let loose. Whether it’s a sweater or a cardigan, knits are more lovable when they’re chunky and a bit loose.

10faconnable_chunky cable knit cardi
Cable knit wool and cashmere blend cardigan by Faconnable.

Well, at the end of the day, countries like South Korea, Japan, or even Hong Kong are just a short plane ride away if I want to enjoy autumn or winter just so I can have an excuse to wear even one or two from this list.


  1. I totally get you...we can´t wear too much layering over here we bake instantly. Though there is only one place in Panama that has a cool weather but is located in the country side like 8 or 9 hours away from the city, is one of the closest places to our only volcano...which is dormant...but there are quite a lot of tremors.


  2. I love it all!!!!!!!!!! i want it! So smart and style!


  3. I love toggle coats with the fur hoods, but it's never that cold here in California to wear them! Love fall/winter coats though.

    xxxo from San Francisco,




  4. I really need a cape! xxx

  5. I really like pick #6. A plaid vintage coat will look amazing for the upcoming season :)

    (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)


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