Monday, September 22, 2014

[Lookbook 09.22.2014] Glad to be in plaid


My birth month's almost over but I'm glad to have some "new old clothes." They're basically old clothes I've set aside to be given away because they don't fit me anymore. However, as I was sorting a pile yesterday, I discovered some of them fit me again--much to my delight, of course, that I had to reconsider giving away all of them. I kept a few, including the pants I'm wearing today. It was like having a bunch of new clothes, only they're really old ones.


It certainly was a happy morning being able to wear these plaid pants once again. Such pants are a rarity in stores here, so your best bet is to have one custom-made by a tailor. I admit they look too casual for a Monday, so instead of a polo shirt or a sweater, I put on a buttoned shirt. But still, I wore the shirt untucked 'cause I just wasn't feeling a tucked-in look today.

It can be a bit tricky finding what should go with plaid, which largely depends on the fabric's color scheme and how bold the patterns are. Your safest bet is to pick something plain, like what I did here with this black shirt. But once you've built your confidence you can always experiment with other prints, too. I'll try on other stuff next time.


Finished off the look with a pair of tan oxfords and a silver watch. So what do you think?
Long-sleeved shirt (Tyler); plaid pants (on line at Prima Linea); shoes (Zara Man); watch (Timex).

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