Wednesday, September 24, 2014

[Lookbook 09.24.2014] Keen for some sheen


It's my third day this week wearing old trousers that fit me again. That feeling like you just scored a lot of new clothes, it's great. After wearing plaid pants 2 days in a row, today I felt the need for something shiny.


The fabric has a warm metallic color, like something between silver and gold. Because of its warm tone, brown easily goes well with it, and I've worn these pants with different brown shirts and different brown shoes many times over already before.

Today I picked a black and navy blue combo, though, something I've also done in the past. I've done black shirt with black shoes and navy blue shirt with black shoes. I'm just not sure if I've paired these pants with other colors before but nevertheless I think it's something I should try out next time.


The pants can be quite a statement already but a bit of accessorizing shouldn't hurt. To me the bracelet--and even my glasses--just tie into the whole look. It's shiny day indeed.
3/4-sleeve ribbed pullover (Uniqlo); pants (Sorbino, from Prima Linea); black lace-ups (Call It Spring); bracelet (Merger).


  1. The fabric of the trouser is quite interesting, first time seeing a sheen fabric on pants...they look awesome...Lol I want a pair too! As always very stylish my fellow blogger.



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