Friday, October 10, 2014

[Lookbook 10.10.2014] Blade runner


It was the last day of our week-long #OurSmartStyle wellness fair at the office today. Aside from it being our last chance to score some discounted stuff, it was also our last chance to exploit the photo booth. Unfortunately for my teammates and I, others had the same thing in mind as well, so our time in front of the photo wall was limited.

And unfortunately for me and my narcissistic tendencies, it meant I couldn't use the mini-stage for my outfit post. Nonetheless I took to the "sidelines" and made use of other backdrops and props. Haha!

What photo booth? I make my own photo booth.

Oh yeah, this is an outfit post; I almost forgot. Anyway, today's look started with, of all things, an accessory, which is something that's supposed to be the last thing anyone considers when putting a look together. But since I suddenly thought of wearing my razor blade necklace again after about a year or two, everything else had to revolve around it.

This particular necklace is certainly a statement piece, so the rest of my outfit shouldn't even try competing with it or else it's going to be a disastrous clash. I took to something I've already done before with this accessory: a clean white long-sleeved shirt and black pants. Same as before, the shirt's all buttoned up to the neck, except that I'm wearing it untucked here.

Sorry, ladies, I had to crop you all out.

I feel like I belong.

Black footwear, while totally perfect for this getup, is just so predictable, which is why I put on these colored boots instead. At least I was able to incorporate some color without taking the spotlight away from the necklace (or else it would go berserk and start slashing away at anything in its path--haha!).

This mannequin felt threatened and had the gall to say it out loud, so I elbowed him in the face.

Can I take this with me?

Yea or nay? Share your thoughts!
Shirt (Celio); coated jeans (Penshoppe); boots (Zara Man); necklace (El Bosquejo).


  1. Nice look...that necklace its sure a statement piece and the choice in shoes just made the outfit perfect.


  2. Haha! Hot necklace boy!!! xxx


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