Tuesday, October 14, 2014

[Lookbook 10.14.14] Purple delight


I thought of wearing a proper office shirt today--you know, that simple, classic, long-sleeved, buttoned type that's best worn with a necktie. But then I ended up not looking very business-like.


I couldn't resist keeping these nice little purple details hidden under my collar the whole time. Predictably I ditched the tie and let these white and purple checks show. Sometimes I think such touches in a piece of clothing are simply meant to be seen. Or at least there's always that option.

Anyway, the collar details (which are also present under the cuffs of the shirt sleeves) afforded me an anchor point to go a little wild with purple, particularly the belt and socks. Purple, as you can see, goes well with blue.

03 20141014_115106
04 20141014_114925

I capped off the look with these brown monk-strap brogues, which I realized I've been wearing a lot lately. I also like that they look even bigger than they are because my pants are cut skinny and short, allowing the socks to show as well.


Shirt (Ben Sherman); pants (Topman); belt (Celio); socks (Uniqlo); shoes (Zara Man).


  1. Armel, I love the look! I truly love it when people step out of their comfort zone and wear what they want! Fun colors!

  2. very nice use the same colour belt, and socks

    Mi blog by Amo


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