Wednesday, January 14, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 14Jan2015: I grew taller!


Another "What the eff is he doing?" look from one of our cats there. The other time it was our little girl Thordis watching from behind the glass door. God knows what these cats are really thinking.


So it's a faux Friday today in this part of the Philippines, which means jeans at the office because it's the last working day of the week. I didn't go the jeans route, though, and opted instead for cropped pants. Somehow they remind me of what it felt like as a child when your pants started showing more of your ankle because you grew taller.

Such pants scream casual and anything from a t-shirt to a sweater can be the perfect item with which to pair it. Heck, even a blazer would do! In this case, though, I settled for a short-sleeved shirt, which is something between too casual and dressy.


Footwear isn't a problem with these pants either. Lace-ups, loafers, sneakers, trainers...except maybe boots. Here I picked a pair of thick-soled monk strap brogues for some contrast.

Meanwhile, the cat is still bewildered.


It may already be the weekend for me but happy hump day to everyone else!
Short-sleeved polo (Uniqlo); cropped pants (Basic House); belt and shoes (Zara Man).

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  1. Nice faux friday outfit...I´m still on the fences when it comes to cropped pants...can´t seem to adapt to having them so up lol. I don´t know maybe 2015 will be the year!



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