Saturday, February 14, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 13Feb2015: Tweetums and tough


Last working day of the week. Friday the 13th. The eve of Valentine's. A lot going on on this day! At any rate, expect a lot of nauseatingly sweet and mushy stuff. I know, paper hearts behind me, all with Pinoy "pick-up lines" printed on them. This was at our office.

Told you, lots of mushy stuff. But it was a fun day most certainly.


Outfit-wise, I was a schizo with both a tough and a sweet personality. A Uniqlo x Line character t-shirt -- and with hearts on it -- that's the tweetums part, unapologetically juxtaposed with the rather tough character of the camo pants and boots. The scarf and bracelet were on the tough side, too.

I just felt the need to temper all this saccharine inevitability, that's why. Or maybe it was to sweeten up the toughness after all. I don't know; you tell me.


Meanwhile, ever seen a "Valentine Tree" before?


T-shirt and camo print leggings jeans (both Uniqlo); scarf (Cotton On); bracelet (SM Accessories); boots (Aldo).

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  1. These are so so cute! I love that t-shirt. And the Valentine's tree! So adorable.


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