Friday, February 27, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 25Feb2015: Bringing back the tie, casually

01 ADM_0303

Oh yes, I have a photo bomber behind me. Anyway, this was last Wednesday, which was my back-to-work day after getting sick for two days.

Now on with the outfit.

I missed wearing ties and so thought of wearing one here. I sometimes lament how business or "corporate" wear in this part of town has become less and less...well, corporate. Not that I'm totally free of guilt on this but everything seems to slip more and more into casual. And mind you, I see a lot that I can't even call casual -- even on non-Fridays.

02 ADM_0479
03 ADM_0511
04 ADM_0529
05 ADM_0270

Okay, I sound like such a prude but I myself tend to favor casual over business for work. However, I always try to inject some ounce of "dignity" into my outfits -- yes, even when wearing drawstring pants to work.

So here I am wearing a necktie, which has sadly become more of a novelty here than a must-wear accessory. But then I still kept it all casual despite the long-sleeve shirt and all that. Wearing sneakers did the trick. I recommend a pair that's made with leather or with something that at least looks like leather. I say save those Chucks for Fridays.

Well, the pants aren't exactly business pants either. They may not be denim or even chinos but they're definitely not business pants. I do love the slim cut and that subtle hint of rebellion in one of the belt loops, though.

06 ADM_0437
You think someone must have sewn in the wrong belt loop here?

07 ADM_0626
A little more green peaking from under the pants and sneakers.

Okay, so I have more photo bombers.

08 ADM_0412

Let's zoom in on the kitties so you can say hi.

09 ADM_0412c

Have a great weekend, y'all!
Shirt (G2000); pants (Zara Man); necktie (from The SM Store); socks (H&M); sneakers (Lacoste).


  1. Quite a sharp look, love the sneakers with the ensemble and the colorful socks. Have a great week!


  2. I adore the color of your shirt!


  3. I think that a tie adds something to a person's entire look. In fact, even bow ties are quite nice to look at on occasion. While it is important to feel relaxed when you are working, I have noticed that in some environments there is almost a level of negative peer pressure, where you cannot dress as formally as you would like.

    Sherita @ Astute Promotions


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