Monday, March 9, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 08March2015: Another haciendero look

Feeling like a Don.

It's been almost three years already since I wore something and felt like a haciendero. It was during our trip to The Ruins and Balay Negrense in Negros Occidental back in 2012. I guess it was being among such Colonial-era structures that brought about that obviously unfounded feeling even when I was just clad in shorts and a polo shirt. Yup, that was my haciendero look.

Well, the feeling was back when we checked in at The Henry Hotel Manila over the weekend.

Do I fit right in or what?

Facundo, bakit maraming hampaslupang gustong bumale sa pamamahay ko? Palayasin ang mga iyan at pumapangit ang aking larawan!

It no longer is about Colonial-era architecture but refurbished houses from the 1950s this time. Regardless, it still elicits that delightful old world feel. And that senseless illusion that I'm some landlord addressed by everyone as "Don."

Anyway, temperatures are steadily rising as summer begins its assault on this part of the planet, something I'm totally embracing if my outfit is any indication. A tropical print shirt in a light, semi-sheer fabric? How much more summer can you get with that?


Florals, palm trees, and all that may be cliche for spring/summer but having them in muted colors or monochrome affords a fresh take on such prints, like this shirt here for example. It goes well with white pants and bermudas for a cool weekend urban vibe, as it does with some nice shorts for that awesome trip to the beach.

For footwear I slipped into a pair of espadrilles, which again is very summery. I picked this light brown number to break the blue and white color scheme lest I fall into another "matchy-matchy" trap. I had blue loafers ready, mind you. But then again I wore a blue faux straw hat.

Nothing much for accessories here but a watch and a bracelet.


I'm thinking of wearing this shirt to work one of these days. Have a great week ahead, you guys!
Tropical print shirt (H&M); pants (Regatta); espadrilles (Zalora); hat (Albertus Swanepoel x Bench); watch (Pebble Steel); sunnies (Cotton On).


  1. Nice location and outfit...would love to see how you wear this shirt to work.


  2. Beautiful shirt and place !!!


  3. love the printed shirt....summertime in pinas!!!

  4. loving the printed shirt!

    awesome photos


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