Saturday, March 21, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 15March2015: Subtle non-compliance

Giving each other the cold shoulder.

It was my first time attending Manila FAME last Sunday. I was hoping to go there clad in shorts or maybe joggers but then I read in one of their emails that "business attire is encouraged." I was taken aback.

I know it wasn't required -- just encouraged -- but I didn't want to go all the way to SMX just to be refused entry at the doors (the event reminders stated they had the right to refuse anyone entry if they cannot abide by their rules). Business attire was the farthest thing on my mind in terms of what to wear on a Sunday, but I wanted to be safe.

So what I did was put on a short-sleeved shirt, which I thought wasn't too much of a departure from long-sleeved shirts for business. I didn't wear dress pants either, and instead slipped into a pair of jeans. Because its black, the lack of any semblance to business wear isn't immediately apparent. But I got myself to wear brogues to lend a bit of formal to my outfit.

I suppose that did the trick because I wasn't shooed away.

Manning the booth. You think I'd make a good receptionist, or will I be receptionist from hell?

Was tired of walking around all afternoon. Glad to have found a seat.

It was nice to check the different installations out.

Why do I feel like I'm about to read a letter. Dear Charo...

Standing next to some design inspirations.

Let me play some music for you.

More about my Manila FAME experience in another post.
Shirt and leggings jeans (both Uniqlo); shoes (Zara Man); belt (Hickok at The SM Store); watch (Pebble Steel); eyeglasses (Hang Ten).


  1. i would have enjoy this show. for some reason, i'm into furniture and interior design this year...go figure.

    1. what i regret was that we only went there on the last day, so it was like crunch time already.


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