Wednesday, April 22, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 22Apr2015: Sexy hands


I'm definitely not talking about my hands here, which are far from being sexy. It's this interesting skeleton hands necklace Kwittiegirl got me. No doubt it's a statement piece and I had some reservations about wearing it on a regular day. But then I thought if I could wear a razor blade necklace, then why not this one.


I didn't have much time to figure out what to wear with this accessory, so I went for the tried and tested white shirt. Black would have also been nice but then it's too hot and humid for that.

For a guy, this type of necklace has to be worn over the shirt, so the shirt should be all buttoned up to the collar. I'm not sure, though -- because I haven't tried -- if it will work when worn under the collar, which would require unbottoning one or two more buttons for the necklace to be seen. But then I guess it would be too "Fabio."

I finished the look with gray trousers, black shoes, black belt, and my Pebble Steel.


I can't wait to wear the other necklaces Kwittiegirl got me!
Shirt (Celio); pants (Topman); belt (Merger); shoes (Aldo); necklace (from an Ebay).

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