Friday, June 19, 2015

FASHION | Your summer footwear guide

Just as summer presents us with the opportunity to dress lightly and maybe even show a bit more skin, the season also has plenty to offer our feet. Cue some lightweight footwear and let your feet breathe, relax, and enjoy the season just as much as you are.

summer shoes_2015 06.png
Clockwise from top left:
Camden woven loafers from Cole Haan.
Birkenstock Arizona super grip sandals.
Boat shoes from Sperry.
Havaianas flip-flops.
Kritonas sandals from Ancient Greek Sandals.
Castaner striped canvas Pablo espadrilles.
Luca sneakers from SWIMS.
Rivieras Tour du Monde Pavillon Zulu slip-ons.

With the right design, loafers are probably the "dressiest" you can go with summer footwear. Well, I don't mean to say that your office lace-ups are a no-no but let's just label them as all year round shoes that, sun or no sun, you'll wear anyway. Casual and comfy, loafers can also double up as driving shoes.

Boat shoes
Whether or not you own a yacht, boat shoes are perfect for the season. Water is never a prerequisite to wearing them, so you're still good to go even if you're miles away from the sea or a lake.

Casual, lightweight, and which comes in a slew of different designs, how can you not love espadrilles? And yes, they're very, very summer indeed.

Uhm, I know I just said your business lace-ups are all year round shoes. But so are sneakers, you might say. Sure, but... aren't they just perfect for the weather? The lightweight low-top and slip-on ones at least?

Sandals and flip-flops
Depending on where you're at, sandals and flip-flops can be great choices. It's as if you're also allowing your feet to enjoy all the sights and sounds of summer. Not everything is cut the same, however, as some are best left to the beach.

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