Wednesday, June 24, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 21Jun2015: The man in the red-hot shorts

hwb 01-001
Alone at the bar and no one's serving me drinks.

Mornings right before checking out at hotels aren't exactly my favorite, much so when it's just an overnight stay. Last Sunday I got up late and after having breakfast at Nobu Restaurant Manila, spent the remaining hour or so strolling along the deck of the hotel and entertainment complex that is City of Dreams Manila.

My Sunday outfit consisted of a polo, shorts, and the same shoes I've been wearing since the day before. Pack light, they say, so I didn't bring anything else.

hwb 02
Looking smug there, aren't we?

hwb 03
"You see, there's just so much gold out here."

Short shorts are my personal fave and, coupled with its bright red color, I was instantly drawn to it when I first saw it at the store. It's already quite loud a piece of clothing, so I picked a more subdued top (which I haven't worn in ages). There's a certain sheen and texture to this polo that I like, which give it a rather dressier look. Yeah, I think you could say it's a dressier polo shirt. So it's like being all relaxed and casual in shorts but dressing it up just a notch.

hwb 04-001
Cue Justin Timberlake's Mirrors.

hwb 05-001
Basking in all the Japanese design influences at Nobu.

hwb 06
Back view. The clouds were serious with their threat of rain.

hwb 07
Definitely had a good time.

hwb 08
Minor Zoolander pose.

hwb 09-001
Alright, let's pretend I'm actually walking with utter nonchalance here.

hwb 10-001
My fats are showing.

hwb 11-001
Beam me up, Scotty. Uhm...Scotty? Scotty, are you there?

hwb 12
Staring contest in 3, 2, 1...

Happy hump day!
Polo (Giordano); shorts (H&M); sneakers (Lacoste).

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