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LOOKBOOK | 20Aug2015: Dressed up for 'Buwan ng Wika'

Duck face: check!

No, it's not Christmas and that is not a Christmas tree behind me. I mean, yes, it's a Christmas tree but my crazy colleagues and I have since put all sorts of stuff on it and playfully christened it the "Tree for all Seasons." I think I should post something about it one time, if only to show you our brand of insanity. Now anyway, the tree right now is decked up for Buwan ng Wika (Language Month, particularly for the Philippine national language).

Meanwhile at work, we at our department have decided to dedicate a whole day where we're all garbed in traditional Filipino costumes. I see kids at school and their teachers do it, some even once for each week of August. Now why would school children have all the fun? Because of the absurdity of the idea, however, we put a little twist to it, which was to incorporate traditional pieces into our typical Friday wear so everyone would at least feel some level of comfort. Yes, it's a Thursday but since it's the last working day of the week, thanks to a holiday, then by an unwritten company rule it becomes a Friday.

Some ethnic touches.

I originally planned on wearing jeans with a Barong Tagalog tucked in and with sleeves pulled back, which I would pair with either boots or sneakers. Unfortunately the barong at home (not mine) was too big for me and it was way too long. I tried tucking it in but it turned into an ugly, blousy mess.

So I combed my closet for alternatives and found malongs, a kurta and a shirt with an applique featuring some traditional ethnic Filipino design. I couldn't find my bahag. No, I did not intend to relive my time sauntering through the Batad rice terraces in a bahag but I thought I could do something with it.

I ended up with the ethnic-inspired shirt, which I wore with wine-colored chinos with hems rolled up. I wasn't happy, so I wrapped a malong around my waist, its entire length dropping down to my ankles. I treated it like a sarong and for some reason it lent me some swag. I still wasn't happy but I reckon sandals would have complemented this look well. This was still an office, so bummer, I stuck to some loafers.

No Barong Tagalog but at least I have a "Bayong Tagalog."

I feel like a poor man's version of some ethnic samurai here.

Happy day, huh!

Well, for the most part of the day, especially almost every time I leave our office door, I looked like this, without the malong. The small bayong (a native woven bag traditionally used for carrying goods when going to the market) was optional.

The office is my runway.

Uhm, what is this?

Mabuhay ang Wikang Pilipino!
Shirt (Hijo at Kultura); chinos (Topman); loafers (Artwork -- made in Marikina!); malong.

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