Sunday, September 27, 2015

FASHION | Still can't get over the Financial Times 'how to spend it' underwater menswear shoot

It's been weeks now since I was blown away by photos of an underwear menswear shoot in shark-infested waters for how to spend it of the Financial Times. And every time I see them, that sense of amazement and admiration has never diminished. Now I hope to share that feeling with you just in case you haven't seen or heard of it yet.

ft htsi_underwater shoot 01
Singin' in the rain?
This and all other photos from how to spend it.

Although underwater fashion shoots are not at all that uncommon, this is the first one I've seen that was done atop a diving wreck and amidst a gam of sharks. Sure, the sharks may not be the man-eating type but they're still very capable of inflicting harm, however unintentional it may be, like a swipe or a nip.

Marine wildlife aside, what amazed me even more was that they featured several designer clothing pieces. And shoes! I mean, who in their right mind would allow a $36,000 coat to be soaked in seawater? Or $800 shoes!

ft htsi_underwater shoot 02
Those are real sharks, baby. And an Alexander McQueen coat.

The shoot itself was a technical challenge, what with all those equipment. But I have to commend the model, who seemed such a trouper. Imagine opening your eyes to saltwater for a prolonged period, holding your breath (and buddy-breathing with diving crew on standby), fending off sharks -- and all the while still working it for the camera. But my, his poses were so damn good! He better be paid a healthy sum for his work here.

ft htsi_underwater shoot 03
Posing for the camera and fending off sharks.

ft htsi_underwater shoot 04
Buddy-breathing in between shots. A day in the life of a fashion model.

ft htsi_underwater shoot 05
Looking rad, are we?

ft htsi_underwater shoot 06
Isn't he damn good or what?

ft htsi_underwater shoot 07
Running with wolves? How about running with sharks?

Photography by Zena Holloway. Styling by Damian Foxe and Millicent Simon. Modeled by Frederick Szkoda.

Do check out more out-of-this-world photos from the shoot over at how to spend it. There's also a background feature on the shoot and a video to boot.

Now where can I get a copy of this issue? I want the physical magazine.


  1. awesome underwater shooting!

    such a great campaign!

  2. Wow! That is truly fantastic...I got a bit choked up by the shoes in the water but when this is the result there´s not really anything to argue about.



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