Tuesday, September 8, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 08Sept2015: Color me blue


Lotsa blue!

Isn't it great when the skies suddenly decide to just pour out right when people are about to leave work, forcing everyone in what should have been rush hour to, well, not rush? Because traffic is at a standstill. So to while away time I gave in to my vanity urges and thought of doing an outfit post.

I was in the mood for blue today; it's obvious. I know the color's often associated with sadness but I sure didn't want to appear sad. So the trick was to employ a top that, although dominated by different shades of blue, also has a slew of other different colors. Everything's still subtle enough because it's all in a plaid pattern and blue is still dominant, albeit tempered.

Then throw in a pair of black loafers with an apple green sole to further break the blue monochrome. Lighten everything further with eyeglasses with a white and clear plastic frame.


Meanwhile in the Catholic world, it's the Virgin Mary's birthday today. I realized my color scheme is so apt.
Shirt and pants (both Uniqlo); loafers (Zara Man); eyeglasses (Hang Ten).

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  1. Cool outfit...here´s been raining all the time so we are almost in a very constant stand still. I didn´t know blue was associated with sadness, its my favourite color, in my mind it was always linked to royalty LOL.



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