Wednesday, September 30, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 30Sept2015: Heneral Luna and a squirt of mustard


Isn't he cute? Obviously it's not really part of my outfit today but something I used to accessorize my bag. It's a crocheted doll of General Antonio Luna, a Filipino hero and military tactician during the Philippine-American war, and the subject of a local film that's currently taking the public by storm. Unlike most local biopics of heroes where the subjects are almost portrayed as saints, this film -- Heneral Luna -- makes no attempt at glossing over him and instead presents his humanity -- his temper and brashness included.

Somehow this depiction has endeared him to a lot of Filipinos at the moment. After a slow start at the tills, people who have seen it early on have been fervently campaigning through social media for people to support and watch the film. The positive feedback has snowballed into an inescapable noise and suddenly everyone just had to watch it. It was like the people took ownership of the film and overturned what would have been a flop into a box office hit.

Heneral Luna has since spawned a lot of memes and now there's a Funko Pop! version of the general in the works. And while I'm waiting for that to come out, at least for now I have this doll.


Oh, I almost forgot about my outfit today.

After wearing a fairly loud orange shirt the other day, I'm now shifting the highlight to my pants. The mustard yellow color may not be that big of a deal to me and to a handful of people but to a lot of guys it is. I even had a colleague exclaim earlier that he couldn't get himself to wear something like my pants. He believes it just won't look good on him. I encouraged him to try nonetheless.

For starters, it's always best to keep everything else simple and let the pants shine. In this case it's brown, which complements mustard quite well. Black or blue would be good, too, in my opinion.

You need not confine it to just one shade, however, like what I did here. The shirt, shoes, belt, and even my bag may be of different shades but they're all tied in to brown -- and effectively, to mustard.


But then who says you always have to keep everything else tame? Next time I'm going to have to try other riskier colors. Let's see how that pans out.

Meanwhile, I can't get enough of how cute these Heneral Luna dolls are.


Shirt (Merger); colored pants (Uniqlo); belt (Hickok at The SM Store); shoes (Flying Dutchman Shoes); Heneral Luna crocheted doll (from


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