Friday, October 2, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 02Oct2015: Not quite like Friday


Jeans are de facto Friday wear at the office and boots are not at all uncommon in my case either. But a long-sleeved shirt? I must have been in the mood.


I would have just worn a t-shirt with the jeans and boots but I simply felt like putting on something that's not very Friday. And while still a casual outfit whichever way you look at it, a long-sleeved shirt -- much better with a tie and/or jacket -- is a sure way to dress up your jeans.

It was also a gloomy day and I wanted to wear something a bit more cheerful; hence, the pastel stripes. From afar it looks just like a white shirt but up close, the pastel stripes provide an instant refreshing attraction. Got some compliments, too.

And oh, the pinkish ombre boots, I think they complement the pastels just right without being all matchy-matchy. I tried on a couple of belts but eventually decided on a brown one. Your belt doesn't always have to match your shoes anyway. I also felt no need to accessorize anymore but I put a ring on just the same.


Happy weekend!
Shirt (Raoul); jeans (Topman); boots (Zara); belt (Hickok at The SM Store).


  1. Amazing look!

    Dejan |


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