Sunday, November 15, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 14Nov2015: Feeling young


Because of some passport-related stuff I found myself at the same mall for two consecutive days. While I sported a more "dignified" look last Friday (I was renewing my passport after all), Saturday saw me in a more relaxed state.

First up, those shoes. Quite the departure from my normal footwear, I got them on a whim after Kwittiegirl saw a poster and decided to check the store out. Maybe a tad cartoonish for its bulky look, but they're very light and comfy. I find them really cute.


Next up, this lengthy top that's commonplace among youngsters. I know, I'm old. Maybe too old for an oversized t-shirt but what the heck, I like it. After sitting in one of my drawers for a couple of weeks now, I finally got to wear it.

The top would work well with skinny jeans, tattered ones especially, but I look funny in them these days. So I opted for some trusty old joggers instead, with hems pulled back. Would do the shoes some good, I thought.


Anyway, weekend's over. Hello, Monday!
Long-sleeved oversized tee and joggers (both H&M); shoes (Native Shoes).

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  1. Those are really nice sneakers. I really like the whole sporty comfy vibe of the look.



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