Thursday, November 26, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 26Nov2015: The mad cat and the pirate in loafers


Looks like someone's not very happy about being picked up and smothered with kisses. Well, she asked for it. She was the one who's been walking to and fro while I was working my way with the camera and timer. Thordis always does this and I've had enough. That expression on her face, though -- priceless!


I was in a casual mood today, hence the henley. Funny how it later fit right into our conversation at work about Peter Pan and pirates, as it reminded them of what Mr Smee wore. Not that they're of the same color and all but it's the stripes that made the resemblance.

Today I also got to wear my first pair of Paradigm Shoes (Finally!). It's a local brand I came across with on Instagram and I have no regrets about my purchase.

What? Me, pirate?

Cream is the color of choice for my first pair.

I usually shy away from white when it comes to footwear because I'm such a slob, so I guess cream is my next best bet. The shoes are locally made (hooray for local!). I find them sleek, especially with those aglets.

Completing today's look is my predilection for joggers. The one I'm wearing here, though, is what I would like to call "joggers for the office" because cuffed hems and drawstring aside, they're designed just like regular office pants with a hook and eye clasp and a zipper. Alright, I'm just pushing it but mind you, they can pass off as office pants. The last time I wore them was with a long-sleeved shirt and a bow tie. Now how's that for joggers?

The pants are blue, which go well with the cream loafers, while the white and gray striped henley allow for a bit of unpredictability. No matchy-matchy trap here. For accessories I simply went with a watch and a bracelet.


So what do you think? Meanwhile, Thordis seemed resigned to her predicament:


Weekend's coming!
Henley (H&M); joggers (Uniqlo); loafers (Paradigm Shoes); watch (Pebble Steel); bracelet (Merger).

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