Tuesday, November 10, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 28Oct2015: The spray painter


Another long overdue post but I felt like pushing through with it still because I'm personally just loving the burst of color in my outfit here. This was taken in the heat of our Halloween preparations where we were decking up our office space with a Shark Tale Halloween theme. I was spray-painting some newspaper here that would be made into corals.


I already wore these mustard-colored pants before, which I paired with a brown shirt. I'm following the same route here except that this short-sleeved number is in a plaid print and with more than just one shade of brown. There's teal, too! I guess the color scheme still works since it's still brown that ties everything together.

Belt and shoes, of course, were also brown.


And so I spray-painted my way away...
Plaid short-sleeved shirt (Wrangler); pants (Uniqlo); shoes (Zara Man); belt (Hickok at The SM Store); glasses (Kenneth Cole); watch (Pebble Steel).

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