Friday, January 1, 2016

PETS | BTS: Our New Year's "family portrait"

family portrait with cats 01

And 2016 has begun! Before the clock struck midnight, though, we managed to squeeze in a little family portrait for New Year's. We were all complete--me and Kwittiegirl in our ugly but cute Christmas sweaters, and our four cats Kwittie Boy, Foreman, Thordis, and Little Boy. We haven't done this in a really long time and our last attempt two years ago was a total disaster. It was already difficult doing a Halloween family portrait back when we only had two cats--how much more with four! They've got claws for chrissakes!

Getting that usable photo above took quite the effort. First I had to set the camera up since I'll be using the timer. Next Kwittiegirl had to position herself with two cats in the frame before I start the timer, grab the remaining two cats, and get ourselves in the frame. And then of course we had to control all four of them for a good couple of minutes. Here are some outtakes (or should I say bloopers?) from our little amateur shoot:

family portrait with cats 02
Kwittiegirl was already struggling with two cats and without me in the frame yet.

family portrait with cats 03
And then I have to get into the picture with two more cats.

family portrait with cats 04
Such resistance from these cats!

family portrait with cats 05
The struggle is real here.

family portrait with cats 06
You know how hard it is in group photos to pick that perfect shot because there's always someone who's either looking away or whose eyes are closed? Same with cats.

family portrait with cats 07
Struggling to control these furballs.

family portrait with cats 08
Still struggling, especially when they all want to yank themselves free from your grip.

family portrait with cats 09
And then a cat succeeds and goes M.I.A.

family portrait with cats 10
Behave, y'all, will you? We only need one shot. One shot.

family portrait with cats 11
Thordis transforms into a bitch every time we have group photos like this.

family portrait with cats 12
And of course Kwittie Boy has this perennial distaste for photographs. He simply does not cooperate by closing his eyes, looking away, or, well, running away.

family portrait with cats 13
I don't know what his beef is when he's so cute. Don't you agree?

family portrait with cats 14
Okay, why not just do it without the cats? Now you can see our Christmas sweaters more clearly.

Happy New Year, you guys! I leave you with one grumpy furball:

family portrait with cats 15
Thought bubble: "Happy New Year my ass."

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