Tuesday, February 2, 2016

LOOKBOOK | The velvety suit

halfwhiteboy velvet suit 01

I realized I've been buying suits for the last two months or so. It's a bit weird if I really think about it because where I work we don't really wear suits. Heck, nobody even wears a tie anymore! But in an irrational attempt at rationalizing my purchases, I only went after the ones that were on sale (okay, save for one). Less guilt, I guess?

Anyway, I've since made a resolve to put in a little more effort into dressing up for work. That includes wearing more long-sleeved shirts, neckties and bow ties, and yes, suits. I mean, I gotta wear all the stuff I've been buying, right? You see, I usually fall into this trap where, due to sheer laziness, I simply wear a pullover or sweatshirt with whatever pants that requires the least amount of ironing.

So today I'm wearing a suit. A velvety suit.

halfwhiteboy velvet suit 02
Thordis always scares me whenever she assumes this position atop the railings.

halfwhiteboy velvet suit 03
halfwhiteboy velvet suit 04

I say velvety because it's not really velvet although the fabric's texture has that soft, velvety feel to it. It's a blend of reddish brown and white, which I think lends the suit some character.

Because, as I said, ours is not a suits type of workplace, I opted to dress it down. I did wear what you could call a proper office or business shirt but I ditched the tie. I chose something with pink because it goes well with the suit's color. I also went for a sockless look with cream-colored loafers. They're from a local brand called Paradigm Shoes, by the way (Support local!).

Now it feels very casual.

halfwhiteboy velvet suit 05
halfwhiteboy velvet suit 06
halfwhiteboy velvet suit 07
All buttoned up but still the goofy o'l me.

halfwhiteboy velvet suit 08
The gold aglets add a touch of sophistication to these loafers.

halfwhiteboy velvet suit 09
halfwhiteboy velvet suit 10
All set and ready to rumble at work.

I know the pants need a little trimming but that'll do for now.
Suit and belt (Zara Man); shirt (Raoul); loafers (Paradigm Shoes).


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