Monday, March 14, 2016

LOOKBOOK | In overalls, finally

halfwhiteboy overalls 01

As with denim jackets (and many other things for that matter), I have this longstanding fascination with overalls (or dungarees, as they're also called). Yet despite this prolonged desire, I have never owned one until recently. Wihee!

Though traditionally intended as work wear, overalls have of course found their way into mainstream fashion. Well, sort of. I mean, they're not as ubiquitous as jeans or joggers and finding one for guys can be a challenge. Otherwise, I would have already owned one a long time ago.

halfwhiteboy overalls 02
halfwhiteboy overalls 03
halfwhiteboy overalls 04

Originally I was picturing a pair in solid dark blue denim but when I found this faded and ripped creation from Zara, I instantly fell in love. I could probably wear just the overalls and pretend I'm some hot guy in a photo shoot or something but no, that would be too sleazy, at least in my case. So I covered up and wore a henley under it.

Now in keeping with the "fashion" aspect of the overalls, I wore boat shoes even if I was nowhere near the sea. Sneakers were my other option. It was also fun playing with the straps, however predictable keeping one strap unfastened was.

halfwhiteboy overalls 05
halfwhiteboy overalls 06
halfwhiteboy overalls 07
halfwhiteboy overalls 08

So have you tried wearing overalls? Sound off in the comments section.
Overalls (Zara Man); henley (H&M); boat shoes (Mr. Finch Shoes); watch (Pebble Time Steel).

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