Monday, May 16, 2016

LOOKBOOK | Wearing long sleeves to the beach

halfwhiteboy beachwear linen 01

Long sleeves? In the heat of summer? And on the beach at that?

Why not? Whether your intention is to cover yourself up because you simply abhor the sun (but ironically want to be on the beach) or because you just want to for whatever it's worth, the key is to wear a shirt in a breathable, lightweight fabric. In my case I picked linen, which is as summer as it can get. You can also opt for something sheer if you want. Leave your flannels and all those heavy fabrics at home.

halfwhiteboy beachwear linen 02
halfwhiteboy beachwear linen 03

I paired the shirt with some printed swim shorts, so I'm ready to hit the water anytime. As to the color combination, pink and blue are never at odds with each other. Now if swimming is not in your agenda, any type of shorts will do.

Finished off the look with some yellow sunnies, a bunch of different beads for accessory, and a hat I picked up from one of the vendors on the beach.

halfwhiteboy beachwear linen 04
halfwhiteboy beachwear linen 05
halfwhiteboy beachwear linen 06

Linen shirt (Uniqlo); swim shorts (Regatta); sunglasses (H&M); flip-flops (Sanuk).

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  1. definitely love the whole attire....and pink shirt is a definite must have for a gentleman (i actually have a few).


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