Wednesday, June 8, 2016

LOOKBOOK | Summer blues

halfwhiteboy blue summer outfit 01

I sense an entity behind me. And boom, there were two!

halfwhiteboy blue summer outfit 02

A belated post since after only a few days after returning to work, I got confined at the hospital yet again. But that's life.

So here I am in a blue mood. And contrary to the tone or atmosphere this color is often associated with, it's quite fun to try different shades of it. For this outfit I mixed and matched tropical prints with pants in a seersucker-like fabric. And then I though it would be nice to throw in a grayish shade into the mix with these casual lace-ups.

Because I've been inserted with a biliary drain with a bag that I strap onto my left thigh (don't ask; it's a medical thing), I'm forced to shun slim-fitting pants for now. So my recourse is to wear trousers with a loose fit, or at least those that are roomier around the thighs. Sometimes life throws a curveball at you but I say, in fashion there's always a workaround so you can still look your best. (I sound so positive; I'm cringing!)

halfwhiteboy blue summer outfit 03

halfwhiteboy blue summer outfit 04
halfwhiteboy blue summer outfit 05
halfwhiteboy blue summer outfit 06

Smile :)
Shirt (H&M); pants (Uniqlo); belt (Basic House); shoes (Call It Spring).

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