Monday, September 12, 2016

GADGETS | The Pokéball power bank: Just because it's so cute!

halfwhiteboy pokeball powerbank 01
Because I gotta catch them all.

I'm one of the millions who's been hooked on the Pokémon Go craze. For someone who's not into games, that's highly unusual. But then I don't really consider it that much of a game to begin with.

So far I haven't done any battle, never been to a gym. I just couldn't. I mean, to subject all those pocket monsters to fighting, that's just plain barbaric! Much like animals, they do have "monster rights," don't they? So despite reaching Level 24 as of this writing, I still don't have a team, although I'm kinda inclined to pick Team Instinct for the simple reason that I love Spark's outfit.

I guess I just enjoy collecting and evolving all these adorable Pokémon. But whatever your reasons for playing Pokémon Go, you know that it's very taxing on your phone's battery and power banks are a necessity. And then I saw this Pokéball power bank (Magic Ball power bank actually) from Takatack, an online marketplace aggregator from Voyager Innovations. Oh my.

halfwhiteboy pokeball powerbank 02
The whole package. No free Pokémon unfortunately.

Not that I needed another power bank but after a little dillydallying, I bought one. Of course it resembling a pokéball is its main draw (if I were a Pokémon, it definitely is a Lure). But lest we forget, it is a functioning 10,000 mAh power bank at its core. It's surprisingly lightweight, comes with a customary short USB cable, charges like any other power bank, and serves its purpose of charging your phone.

On the downside--although it's obvious--it's quite difficult to carry around, especially if you intend to go Pokémon-hunting while charging your smartphone. And you can't throw it. Shocker! Also, because of its shape, it takes up a lot of space in your bag.

However, it's no doubt an eye-catcher, and you can probably do some workaround so you can clip it on your pants or something. Or you can simply use a longer cable so it stays in your bag while you bump into things or fall into a manhole.

halfwhiteboy pokeball powerbank 03
Such a beauty, isn't it?

halfwhiteboy pokeball powerbank 04
Oh yeah, it can charge your phone!

halfwhiteboy pokeball powerbank 05
Literally a handful.

halfwhiteboy pokeball powerbank 06
When lit, it looks nice in the dark.

Bottom line, if you're a fan who needs a power bank while catching some Pidgey and Rattata or hunting down that rare Porygon, go get one. You'll be delighted with both form and function. But if holding a ball bothers you, then just skip it.

As for me, I find it so cute and got it just because.

Tip: Use coupon code "CATCH'EM" upon checkout to get Php200 off of your purchase! I hate to admit it but yeah, I didn't know about it before.


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  2. Thanks! The info is cool.
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