Tuesday, September 27, 2016

LOOKBOOK | Slytherin's Arrow

halfwhiteboy arrow 01

I know, what a poser, you might say. That I admit. When my colleagues and I tried our hands at archery, the Green Arrow outfit (unsurprisingly) came to mind. Katniss was obviously for the girls and although there's also Legolas and Hawkeye, Oliver Queen was at the top of my mind.

Of course I never intended to go full regalia because that would be crazy and Halloween is still a month away. I just wanted to casually sport something from my daily wear that's inspired by the character. Yup, like a green hoodie.

halfwhiteboy arrow 02
Sooooo serious.

I don't have a plain one so I settled for my treasured Slytherin hoodie. Yeah, the print is so prominent it's distracting. And Quidditch! Since when did Hogwarts offer archery? Haha!

Since it was a regular work day, I wore normal office pants. In gray because I just wanted something other than black. But I wore silver shoes for crying out loud! I would probably have worn boots if it were a Friday; the ones I have don't work too well with office pants.

So was this archer from Slytherin any good?

halfwhiteboy arrow 03
Practicing my aim. No arrow yet.

halfwhiteboy arrow 04
Okay, this is it.

halfwhiteboy arrow 05
Yes, I'm too near the target. Clearly it's just a photo op.

halfwhiteboy arrow 06
Horrendous first set! I don't know why but from hereon my arrows consistently appeared like they were fired from the left. So what's this, if I can do curveballs in Pokémon Go, I can do "curve arrows," too?

halfwhiteboy arrow 07
I thought the idea was to not hit the yellow part.

halfwhiteboy arrow 08
What I'm really good at: clowning around.

halfwhiteboy arrow 09
I think I prefer shooting spells from wands than arrows from bows.

Meanwhile in the local TV scene, there's show called Alyas Robin Hood that seems like a cheap copy of Arrow.
Hoodie (The Perfect White Shirt); pants (Topman); shoes (Swear London).

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