Monday, November 21, 2016

FRAGRANCE | Another great find in Volutes by Diptyque

halfwhiteboy diptyque volutes 01

Been wearing this one for a few weeks now and I love it. Volutes by Diptyque, my first try at the French perfume house's wide array of fragrances, did not disappoint.

Volutes sports the same simple, narrow, rounded bottle employed by the house in many of its other offerings. The back of the label also has a nice little drawing, which to me adds a touch of novelty to the fragrance's overall packaging.

halfwhiteboy diptyque volutes 02

I'm drawn to warm scents, so it's no surprise I liked Volutes. As with Burberry London and I must admit, Dolce & Gabbana's The One, the tobacco is very prominent but with a slightly sweetened aroma. It must be the honey. It later settles into something smoky and powdery with hints of pepper all at once.

It lists myrrh as one of its base notes but I have no idea how it's supposed to smell like. I only know myrrh as one of the gifts purportedly given by the Magi to the child Jesus and that's it. But whatever, I like the dry down a lot.

halfwhiteboy diptyque volutes 03
halfwhiteboy diptyque volutes 04

Diptyque blends all the notes deftly into a wonderfully rich and layered scent. Despite its supposedly strong notes, Volutes never comes off as offensive. It projects nicely and has undeniable staying power, requiring very few touch-ups, if at all. I think it is best suited for cooler temperatures, more so at night, although it can also work during daytime. However, I caution anyone against using it when engaging in sports or any physical activity because Volutes is just too heavy a scent for that.

Overall, Volutes by Diptyque is worth a try. I have absolutely no regrets about getting a bottle and will most likely get another one in the future.

By the way, did you know Volutes is branded as a unisex scent by Diptyque? 😏

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