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TRAVEL | Aloguinsan's Baluarte Park

halfwhiteboy - baluarte park aloguinsan 01
"Walang forever," which translates to "There's no forever," a popular Filipino expression on failed romantic relationships, often said in jest and usually by those who aren't in any relationship.

Parks are seldom a big thing in the Philippines, and it's quite sad that we don't have much of these green public spaces around. People instead go to malls or play on the streets--basketball, badminton, and all sorts of games, you name it--disrupting traffic and posing a lot of dangers in the process.

So it was a pleasure for us when we were in Aloguinsan, Cebu to walk amid a landscaped, hilly spot right next to the sea, and with really tall trees towering over us. Built around the ruins of a baluarte, or fortress, that was used as defense against marauding Moro pirates during Spanish colonial times, Baluarte Park is something to be appreciated.

Apart from its historical significance, it's nice that the town has a park like this. Never mind that we saw some couples enjoying some private moments together in "hidden" areas of the park--that's their business, as long as they aren't doing any indecent sexual stuff in such a public place--but it was great to see some families spending time together in the gazebos while sharing a bottle of soda and some snacks.

We came on a cloudy and occasionally rainy day, so the colors weren't as alive and fantastic as they should probably be on a sunny day. Still, it's a nice and well-maintained park, save for some vandals carved on wood and on cacti, and the occasional cheesiness of some "improvements." You'll get what I mean when you scroll down for photos.

halfwhiteboy - baluarte park aloguinsan 02
A donated arc welcoming visitors to the park. No idea who Mr Lim Kee is, though.

halfwhiteboy - baluarte park aloguinsan 03
Nestled among trees, that's the baluarte in the distance, or at least what's left of it.

halfwhiteboy - baluarte park aloguinsan 04
The park is well-maintained and has its charms.

halfwhiteboy - baluarte park aloguinsan 05
Great views of the sea. I could only imagine the colors had the sun come out.

halfwhiteboy - baluarte park aloguinsan 06
Eff all of you who defaced such a beautiful plant!

halfwhiteboy - baluarte park aloguinsan 07
Cheesy? I know. But this is just one of those spots where lovers retreat to for some privacy.

halfwhiteboy - baluarte park aloguinsan 08
A view of the river from the park. The LGU could probably improve on this spot because the scenery holds potential, at least for me.

halfwhiteboy - baluarte park aloguinsan 09
Taking a break from all the strolling. Part of the now-crumbling network of walls that form part of this defense system.

halfwhiteboy - baluarte park aloguinsan 10
Though not perfect, the Aloguinsan LGU still does a good job with the park. I hope they keep it this way.

Baluarte Park is located right behind the Aloguinsan municipal hall, and is accessed by ascending a concrete tile slope. There's an entrance fee but the amount is negligible. I forgot if it was Php 10 of Php 15. Either way, it's a small price to pay to have people take care of the park.

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