Sunday, December 10, 2017

FRAGRANCE | Lacoste Booster: An old favorite

halfwhiteboy - lacoste booster EDT

Among Lacoste's range of fragrances, Lacoste Booster so far is the only one that seems to agree with my body chemistry, at least among the ones I've tried. I've sampled a few at stores and actually like some of them--until the drydown when I get that familiar metallic, bug spray-like smell that I also get from a slew of other brands. It might not be the case with others, of course.

Anyway, Lacoste Booster is a light and refreshing fragrance that starts off with a citrus note tempered by mint and eucalyptus. It gradually mellows down with faint hints of wood yet still retaining its freshness. To me it remains a citrusy and minty green scent all throughout.

It projects modestly, at least in the first hour, with moderate staying power. On your clothes it does a better job, though.

In hindsight, Lacoste Booster is a decent aromatic citrus fragrance that I find refreshing. It's light and quite suitable for everyday use, especially as a daytime scent in the summer or in warmer temperatures. It's been a favorite from way back, much like my old fondness for Fahrenheit by Christian Dior, and I'm glad to be wearing it again after several years.

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