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DINING | Dessert time at Kiss the Tiramisu

halfwhiteboy - kiss the tiramisu 01
Kiss the Tiramisu's "Midas Touch."

Trying to cope with the punishing heat of summer? That's what led me to finally try Kiss the Tiramisu. I've passed by it several times already and found the name quite weird, absolutely clueless that it's a popular dessert cafe chain from South Korea.

Now here's a rundown of my solo experience.

Interiors and ambiance
The cafe is small but there's an unmistakable premium feel to it, to a certain degree at least. It mayt share that familiar warm, yellow lighting and wood panels of most coffee shops but what sets it apart is its penchant for using gold.

You see gilded glass panels, gilded stylish overhead lamps, and then tables, chairs, and shelves accented with gold--which surprisingly doesn't look garish at all. The lamps are particularly cool. There's a trio near the counter that each features an inverted bouquet of wine glasses--with touches of gold of course.

Given its limited floor space, Kiss the Tiramisu could only seat probably 20 people. Just the same, there's a variety of seating options available from small round tables to a large oval one. Overall it's a fairly nice place to hang out.

halfwhiteboy - kiss the tiramisu 02
Pretty much the whole cafe. Notice all that gold?

halfwhiteboy - kiss the tiramisu 03
Goblets on display at the counter.

halfwhiteboy - kiss the tiramisu 04
Marble tope tables and gilded chairs here.

halfwhiteboy - kiss the tiramisu 05
Small counter top for solo diners.

The food and service
Like most coffee shops, it's pay-as-you-order here. You also pick your order up from the counter once it's ready. I ordered coffee and dessert and waited for a few minutes to be called.

Kiss the Tiramisu has a very short but pricey menu consisting of soft-serve ice cream, tiramisu cakes, coffee, and specialty drinks. I zeroed in on the ice cream but ironically ignored all the tiramisu flavors (classic, matcha, and injeolmi) and settled for the most premium of them all--Midas Touch (Php 295; the other variants are priced at Php 265.)

Midas Touch, I learned, is only available in the Philippines. In between the swirls of ice cream filling the gilded goblet are ube (purple yam), leche flan, and crushed corn flakes. And it's topped with edible gold leaf.

halfwhiteboy - kiss the tiramisu 06
Coffee and dessert.

halfwhiteboy - kiss the tiramisu 07
Inside this Php 295 goblet of ice cream.

The ice cream was delectably rich and creamy, which expectedly worked well with the Pinoy ingredients. Of course the gold leaf added nothing in terms of flavor. It added to the price, though.

Coffee was good. I liked the flavor and the strength was just right for my liking. It's also reasonably priced. My Americano cost me only Php 80. Their tiramisu options, however, can go as high as Php 265.

In hindsight
Kiss the Tiramisu is no doubt a nice place. And while I liked what I ordered, I just find it expensive. So my visits if ever will be few and far between, except if I'm just there for a coffee run--Americano in particular.

Kiss the Tiramisu
Ground Floor Three Central Building
Valero St., Makati City

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