FRAGRANCE | Eau de Vetyver EDT by L'Occitane celebrates the dryness and woodiness of vetiver

halfwhiteboy - L'Occitane Eau de Vetyver EDT

A lot of times fragheads question the discontinuance of a seemingly great and beloved fragrance. I do, too, and L'Occitane's Eau de Vetyver is one of those cases. But of course we almost always never get to hear why. As it is, I'm just happy to have snagged a bottle.

As with any other L'Occitane fragrance, Eau de Vetyver doesn't cost much, or rather, it didn't, although it wasn't necessarily a bargain either. Mine originally cost Php 2,950 according to the price tag that's still on the box. Just the same, it's still a plus. Never mind how flimsy the cap and nozzle are, and how the silver-gray coating tends to peel off after some time (as what I've experience with a different L'Occitane bottle).

From my limited experience, vetiver has many different faces. It can be green and grassy, rooty, dry and dusty (or dirty, if you may), woody, a bit lemony, or a combination of any of these. But whatever face it shows in a fragrance, for me it will always be earthy at its core.

Eau de Vetyver highlights this versatile ingredient's dry and woody facets. Much like how leather is treated in Gucci Guilty Absolute, I am very much in love with the way vetiver is presented here in all its dry glory. Moreover, it's clear and prominent from start to finish.

The fleeting citrus in the opening may be negligible but there's a certain spiciness in the blend that, instead of competing with the vetiver, complements it and affords it some depth. The scent ventures into darker territory but there's a mild sweetness running through that stops it from being too dark and heavy. This is why despite its unabashed masculinity, it never weighs the wearer down, making it suitable for use anytime.

Performance is decent with its moderate projection and longevity that can go from morning to early afternoon. And because it's not overbearing, resprays shouldn't pose any problem at all. L'Occitane's Eau de Vetyver isn't a compliment magnet but it's a standout in my opinion. If you can still find a bottle of this discontinued gem, go get it.


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