Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ano ba naman, suman?

So what happened with my quest for sticky carbs (see related post here)? I almost screwed up again! I did make it - but not quite.

Mangga - gone.
Ube-buko - gone.
Saging - gone.
Plain budbud - only 6 pieces left.

What in the world?! But what else can I do? I instantly grabbed the half a dozen left, which was a wise move. Just after my small stash was secured in a plastic bag, an old lady came looking for budbud. Sorry.

But if it's any form of consolation, there were two more variants left, which were both new to me. So I was "forced" to try them (more after the jump).


Biko and Cassava. They were also good nonetheless, so I bought a couple each (at Php 30). The former didn't taste like the biko that I'm used to, not too sweet but still okay with me. The latter was sweeter but I'm not complaining either.

Yet I still miss the other variants mentioned earlier (sigh!). Let's see next week.

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